Young and the Restless Team Up: Are Cameron And Diane Jenkins Plotting?

Should the Newmans and the Abbots be afraid on Y&R?

cameron kirsten and diane jenkins on the young and the restless.Could these two Y&R characters be plotting something?

Cameron Kirsten is back in town on The Young and the Restless…just as Diane Jenkins has been cleared of killing Phyllis Summers since she’s…you know…not dead.

Young and the Restless Polling

Could these two be working together behind the scene to bring down the Abbotts…using Sharon (Sharon Case) to do it? What almost 3,000 fans are suspecting:

Y&R: Of Course!

This makes perfect sense, 19% of you wonder how anyone could fail to see the obvious. Diane (Susan Walters) is up to no good. Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) could see that from the start. And Cameron (Linden Ashby) is obviously up to no good. You don’t even need Phyllis for that.

Ergo, they must be working together. We’ve seen pictures of the two of them together. Sure, it wasn’t in Genoa City and it was…well…walking red carpets and such things. But we know a real-life couple when we see one!

Diane Jenkins: A Young and the Restless How, What, Why?

As far as we saw on-air, there is absolutely no connection between Diane and Cameron. They were barely in town at the same time, and their agendas never crossed. Diane’s focus is Jack (Peter Bergman).

Cameron’s focus is Sharon (Sharon Case). Which is why 35% of the audience doesn’t see any way these two could be working toward the same goal. Unless Phyllis sent Cameron in to lay some groundwork for her return.

With Diane Jenkins and Cameron, Anything Is Possible

Anything could happen, 46% shrug. Cameron has been gone for so long, who knows what he’s been up to? Maybe he was working with Jeremy (James Hyde)? Bad people flock together, right? It’s a great big world out there, but, sure, two Genoa City villains happened to cross paths and come up with a plan to benefit them both. So while Diane plans her wedding, Cameron can send Sharon creepy packages. It might all come together…someday. Let’s just see how long we’re willing to wait to find out.

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