Welcome to The Young and the Restless Family: Should Kyle Meet Allie?

The Young and the Restless Kyle and AllieThe Young and the Restless Kyle and Allie

On The Young and the Restless, Jack Abbott promised not to pressure Allie Nguyen about getting to know her newfound family. But he didn’t promise Kyle Abbott wouldn’t do it.

The Young and the Restless Polling

Now that Kyle (Michael Mealor) knows he has a niece, should he hightail it to Los Angeles — based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s a 45-minute flight from Milan, Italy — and force her to love them all? Here’s what 3,000 viewers had to say:

Y&R: Give it Time

It wasn’t even close, as 83% of the audience remembers Jack’s (Peter Bergman) promise to give Allie (Kelsey Wang) space. So you know what they both should do? They should give Allie space. It may shock them to know that not everyone is dying to be a rich white person in Wisconsin. Allie may be perfectly happy with her life in L.A. She’s going to school. She presumably has friends. Maybe even a love interest. And she’s just lost her dad. What are Jack and Kyle offering, exactly, that would make her get over all that?

The Young and the Restless: Honest Joe

If Kyle is the one applying pressure for Allie to become an Abbott, then Jack isn’t breaking his word about leaving her alone, 9% parse. And it’s not like Kyle has anything better to do. The European division of Jabot probably runs itself, Summer Newman Abbott has her own career to focus on, and we have no doubt Kyle is bored playing Daddy to Harrison by now. Sure, drop everything and fly to L.A. to annoy your niece!

Y&R: Explosive

Or, you know, don’t, 8% of you suggest. Allie made her feelings clear. If Kyle tries to pressure her, the whole thing could blow up in his face, and she’ll just disappear again. Abbotts are not known for their subtlety. They don’t know how to handle someone who isn’t interested in their money or power. Or them, at all.

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