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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Kyle Abbott

The Young and the Restless Kyle AbbottThe Young and the Restless Kyle Abbott

Kyle Abbott – this wealthy scion is a legacy character with ties to two of The Young and the Restless’ most powerful and feud-prone families. He also had a mother who was so good at causing trouble, it was practically her profession.

Who Is Kyle Abbott?

Originally named Christian Victor Newman, Kyle was renamed in honor of his maternal grandfather after his mother, Diane Jenkins, learned that the fertility clinic deposit she acquired had been provided by Jack Abbott and not her ex-husband, Victor Newman.

Jack sought full custody of his son but settled for co-parenting with Diane, whom he invited to live in the Abbott pool house. For a time, the trio, as well as Jack’s wife, Phyllis Summers, lived in harmony but a lonely Diane schemed to ensure she would remain the only lady in Jack’s life.

To that end, she created an incident that made it seem as though Phyllis had intentionally run her over with her car then set her new abode on fire and let her love rival take the blame!

When the truth was eventually outed, Diane lost custody of Kyle. After a few months, Jack had them reinstated and even allowed mother and son to leave Genoa City together.

Reconnecting – Abbott Style
At first, Kyle was reared in Chicago and then Toronto, Canada. It was while living in the latter that he developed a fascination with, and acquired great skill at, playing hockey.

Diane accompanied Kyle back to Genoa City at the request of Jack’s girlfriend, Dr. Emily Peterson, providing the perfect opportunity for the two to bond. Months later, Diane and Kyle resettled there.

Jack and Kyle grew ever closer but the young man also developed a close bond with Diane’s latest (and former) conquest – Victor Newman – a development that didn’t sit well with Jack.

When Victor threw Diane over for Nikki, the former planned revenge. She found the perfect co-conspirator – Victor’s youngest son, Adam! The agreed-upon scheme would see Diane fake her death and plant enough clues to result in Victor’s arrest and imprisonment. Meanwhile, she and Kyle would be firmly ensconced in Switzerland under new names.

Off To Boarding School

Though Kyle was sent ahead and enrolled in boarding school, Diane never met him. Instead, her lifeless body was found floating face down in a pond! It was left to Jack to break the news of Diane’s passing to Kyle, and the boy agreed to accompany his dad back home.

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Once there, Victor produced legal documents naming him Kyle’s guardian and Jack readied himself for a battle royale. However, Victor never invoked the power provided by the papers and Kyle eventually persuaded Jack to let him accept the opportunity to attend high school in Lake Placid, N.Y.

After graduation, Kyle returned and learned, much to his dissatisfaction, that Jack was romantically involved with Nikki Newman, the woman who had accidentally killed his mom.

In response, Kyle moved into the Newman Ranch and accepted Victor’s offer of a job at Newman Enterprises. Father and son remained estranged for some time but a heart to heart with Abby Newman led Kyle to bless Jack and Nikki’s impending nuptials – even though he couldn’t bring himself to attend.

Lady Loves
His first girlfriend was Eden Baldwin, but Kyle’s first real love affair was with Summer Newman – a relationship complicated from the start considering Phyllis feared that Jack was Summer’s true papa, meaning they were half-siblings!

A plethora of breakups and makeups and complicated adventures followed. He kissed Phyllis, which resulted in a split, and then he tried to save Summer from a marriage with Austin Travers, whom he knew was sleeping with Abby.

Kyle was a prime suspect when Austin turned up dead – the victim of not-so-obvious foul play. After his name was cleared, he then fought to save Summer from further disastrous love affairs with the likes of Luca and Billy Abbott.

The romance seemed over for good once Kyle made the acquaintance of budding master chef Lola Rosales and even a business arrangement-style marriage with Summer wasn’t enough to deter Kyle from the supposed love of his life.

But when he and Lola married and attempted to settle into domestic bliss atop Crimson Lights, Kyle realized he had made a terrible mistake! Almost too late, he decided that Summer was truly the only one for him and, luckily, she returned his feelings.

Kyle Abbott – Moving Forward

Kyle, now Jabot Cosmetics firmly entrenched co-CEO (alongside Jack), seems to have it all. An adoring girlfriend, a soon to be ex-wife who harbors him no ill will, and a future that looks nothing but bright.

That is unless Theo Vanderway, a friend turned rival turned familial connection has something to say about it. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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