Try Again: Should Y&R’s Noah Newman Reunite With Audra Charles?

This couple never got a fair shot.

Young and the Restless Audra and Noah Newman

Noah Newman came back to The Young and the Restless all pouty and dark about a relationship gone bad back in London. It took months for us to learn that the woman he’d broken up with was Audra Charles. And Noah himself didn’t know that he’d left Audra alone and pregnant.

Young and the Restless Polling

Audra (Zuleyka Silver) told him she’d had a miscarriage, so now Noah (Rory Gibson) has something new to brood about and make all about himself. Is the only way to cheer him up a reunion with his ex?

Lying Liars Who Lie On Y&R

Oh, please, she’s lying, a landslide 96% of you dismiss. Audra was never pregnant, which means she never miscarried, which means the whole thing is a con. Audra is clearly a gold digger. Look, at her working with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Money is obviously the only thing she cares about. Why else would she work? It’s obvious that is all she wants from Noah. He shouldn’t fall for her schemes. Stick with Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang). She may not have much of a personality. But it’s better than the one Audra does have.

Noah Newman: Why Not?

Barely 2% of the audience went with “maybe,” as an answer. The truth is, we know nothing about Audra, we know nothing about Noah, and we certainly know nothing about what they were like together. Noah may have been exactly the jerk Audra claims he was. Noah said as much to Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) as he mourned the child he never knew he could have had and definitely didn’t want. So why not make it up to her by giving their relationship another shot?

Young and the Restless Love Shack

It’s obvious Noah still loves Audra, and a matching 2% of voters see something the rest don’t. Look how guilty he felt about dumping her. And look how lukewarm he is about Allie. This is not a man ready to move on. So he might as well finish what he started.

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