Pick and Choose: Who’s the Right Newman Brother For Y&R’s Sally Spectra?

Or is there a third option we’re missing?

Young and the Restless Sally Spectra, Adam, Nick, and Victor Newman

Sally Spectra has made herself quite clear on The Young and the Restless. No matter how many times Adam Newman begs for forgiveness or drunkenly asks her to marry him, or reminds her how good they were together, Sally wants nothing more to do with him.

Young and the Restless Polling

Instead, Sally (Courtney Hope) is exploring her Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) options now, thank you very much. But, if you were Sally, which Newman brother would you go for?

Sally Spectra Soulmate

Over half of you, 55%, had to vote for Adam (Mark Grossman). He was the one who got Sally. He was the one who made her believe in herself and the one who made her hate herself — and all the things she’d done previously — less. They laughed together, they cried together, they schemed together, and they dreamed together. That kind of connection only comes around once in a lifetime. She’d be foolish to give it up.

Y&R Nice Guy

But there’s also Nick, 28% of the audience points out. Nick has yet to lie to Sally, break her heart, make her feel like garbage, then make her feel like garbage for not forgiving him for having made her feel like garbage in the first place.

Sure, he’ll eventually end up back with Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) or, second choice, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), but, in the meantime, he’s making Sally smile. She’d be foolish to give it up. Of course, none of this considers Sally and Summer Newman Abbott’s (Allison Lanier) feud, but we’re not talking about that — this time.

None of the Above For Sally Spectra

Roughly 17% of you think that Sally should stay away from the Newman family altogether. You don’t want to see her with Adam, and you don’t want to see her with Nick. Most importantly, you absolutely do NOT want to see her with their father, which brings us to….

Third Young and the Restless Place

Barely any of you think Sally should make a play for Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Sure, Old Vic has a taste for younger women, and, sure, Sharon was one of his conquests back in the day. But Sally is no Sharon. She has too much personality for Victor, who needs to be the only voice in the room. She’d drive him crazy. And, quite frankly, other than more money and a mustache, Victor doesn’t have anything either of his two sons doesn’t have.

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