Grandpa’s Home: Should Y&R’s Abby Be Worried About Tucker McCall?

And do Tucker’s plans have anything to do with Dominic?

Y&R Abby Chancellor and Tucker McCall

Though Devon Hamilton was open to the idea of Tucker McCall getting to know his grandson Dominic on The Young and the Restless, Dominic’s mother, Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor, flew off the handle at the mere idea of it. She’s still mad about what Tucker did to her mother, Ashley Abbott, and overly protective about her baby in general. Does Abby have a legitimate reason to be concerned about Tucker’s involvement in her son’s life?

I Trust Tucker McCall Not

A little over half of you, 51%, are on Team Abby (Melissa Ordway). She is well within her rights to not want to add yet another relative to little Dominic of the two moms and two dads and many names. Especially when that relative is Tucker (Trevor St. John).

Sure, he’s Devon’s (Bryton James) biological dad. But it’s not like he raised Devon. They only met when Devon was already an adult, didn’t have much to say to each other, and, according to Devon, haven’t spoken in years. Nobody knows why Tucker is really back in Genoa City. But none of it can be in Dominic’s best interests.

Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

Tucker would never hurt his grandson, 31% of the audience asserts…with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Sure, we only knew Tucker for a short time. But, during that time, he certainly had no qualms about hurting people he claimed to love…like Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). And Ashley was actually someone he’d gotten to know and claimed to want to stay married to. Dominic is a complete abstraction. Then again, how would Tucker hurt the baby? Not buy him any stock?

Who Knows With Tucker McCall?

This is a whole new Tucker, 18% point out. We don’t know what he wants, why he’s here, or how he’ll act. So far, Dominic seems to be the last of his concerns. Whatever agenda he has, it’s unlikely his unexpected grandson ever crossed his mind either way.

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