Get Lost: Will Tucker McCall Leave The Young and the Restless?

And will you be sad to see him go?

tucker mccall on young and the restless two images of him smirking and annoyedWill Tucker McCall stick around?

Why is Tucker McCall still even on The Young and the Restless? His ex-wife doesn’t want him. She left the continent to get away from him. His son doesn’t want him. He told Tucker to stay away from both him and little Dominic.

The Young and the Restless Polling

His takeover attempt failed. Jill and Lily are wise to him now. So why stick around? So he hit the road, Tuc? We received over 2,000 replies to that question:

Y&R: Who Cares

We don’t want him either, 9% admit. But you also don’t care enough to wonder whether or not he’ll stay or go. Tucker (Trevor St. James) is basically a non-entity for the viewers, and whatever he does is no concern – or interest – of yours.

The Young and the Restless: A Losing Loser Who Loses Lots

Yeah, 15% jeer. Get out of town, tail tucked between your legs…before things get even worse. Ashley (Eileen Davidson) will never change her mind about you. Devon (Bryton James) will never change his mind about you. Jill (Jess Walton) and Lily (Christel Khalil) are watching their company like a hawk, and Victor (Eric Braeden) doesn’t like you. You have no reason to live, much less stay in Genoa City. Game over, man. You are done.

Tucker McCall: Winners Never Quit

That’s not how Tucker operates, 76% of voters remind. This guy sticks to it until he gets his way. He charmed Ashley back into his bed – even after she said that would never happen again. He got Devon to agree to give him a chance after chance. There’s no reason why it won’t happen again. And Tucker has gotten the best of Victor in the past. Why should he think that’s impossible to duplicate? The guy is just getting started. He has not yet, as they say, begun to fight…

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