Drop It: Should Chance Kill His Young and the Restless Investigation?

Young and the Restless Chance ChancellorYoung and the Restless Chance Chancellor

Chance Chancellor broke free of his story with Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor and Dominic of The Many Parents to take his place as the only police detective on The Young and the Restless, taking the place of Rey Rosales…who took the place of Paul Williams.

Young and the Restless Polling

And his first major case? Ashland Locke’s (Robert Newman) death. Should Chance (Conner Floyd) recuse himself or maybe even close the investigation altogether? What over 2,000 fans told us — and him:

Young & Restless: Go For It

This case has corruption all over it, 47% of the audience is holding their nose in disgust. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) thinks he can do whatever he wants. This is his town, which makes the Genoa City Police Department his personal civil servants. Chance needs to show his father-in-law that the law applies to everyone. Even filthy rich white guys.

Young and the Restless: Celebration Times

Victor did the world a favor, 33% of you counter. Ashland was the evilest evil who ever eviled. Lying about having cancer is worse than any offense ever committed by any Genoa City citizen. Remember when Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) did the exact same thing? Ha! You just think she did! Nikki absolutely did not claim she had cancer. Nikki claimed she had an unnamed terminal disease. Which, obviously, is totally different. Chance needs to give the Newmans a medal — not hound them so cruelly.

Y&R: Conflict of Interest

Chance should absolutely not be investigating his wife’s family, 20% are sticking to the rules. We realize he’s the only man left in town with a badge, but maybe they can swear in a deputy or something. This is totally inappropriate, and even if he does find evidence against Victor, it could prove inadmissible. And we do not want to risk Victor being brought to justice to be tossed on a technicality!

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