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9 Moments That Defined The Young and the Restless

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

The Innocent Years was renamed The Young and the Restless (YR), when it debuted in 1973, to reflect the mood of the decade.

The soap lived up to its title with groundbreaking storylines. Here are the nine moments that defined the CBS soap.

Birth of A Feud
Phillip Chancellor was killed in 1975 when Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) drove their car off the road after he refused to reconsider their divorce. It began a decades-long feud between Katherine and Jill, the woman left pregnant with Phillip’s child.

Tycoon Meets Stripper
Victor (Eric Braeden) met “exotic dancer” Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott) at The Bayou club in 1981. Three years later, the tycoon and the stripper wed, beginning a coupling that would endure, on and off, to this day.

Changing Face
In a daytime television first actress Jeanne Cooper’s real-life face lift was written in for her alter ego Katherine Chancellor in 1984. Cameras followed into the operating room and documented the bandages being removed to unveil the results.

Hurricane Phyllis
In 1994, Phyllis Summers drugged Danny Romalotti to get him into a bed. She later claimed to be pregnant with his child, ruining his marriage to Chris (Lauralee Bell) and tormenting their lives.

Cassie’s Death
When Cassie (Camryn Grimes) found Daniel drunk and passed out in the back of his car in 2005, she decided to drive him home despite not having a license. A crash ensued, resulting in Cassie’s death and everyone believing that Daniel had been the one driving.

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Who’s Your Daddy?
Lily’s (Christel Khalil) paternity was finally resolved in 2006, when it was revealed that her “uncle” Malcolm was her bio daddy and not his brother, Neil (Kristoff St. John). No matter, Lily and Neil continued their strong father/daughter bond.

Patriarch Lost
After John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) suffered a debilitating stroke and died, Gloria (Judith Chapman) and his children battled over his estate. His demise forever changed the dynamic of the Abbotts as Jack, Ashley, Tracy, and Billy lost the father they adored.

Miraculous Resurrection
Phillip Chancellor III resurfaced in 2009, explaining that he’d staged his death, in part, to conceal his homosexuality. To fill the void he left behind, he sent Cane (Daniel Goddard) to take his place.

The revelation infuriated Lily (Christel Khalil), Jill (Jess Walton), and others as they grappled with the lie they’d been living.

Hit and Run
A stop for ice cream following a school play led to Delia running off after her dog and being struck by a hit and run driver in 2013. As Billy and Chloe mourned their loss, Adam came to the horrifying realization that he’d killed the child and began an elaborate plot to cover it up.

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