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Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Reads Jeanne Cooper’s Heartfelt Message

The Young and the Restless legend Jeanne Cooper left a profound letter that recently came to light.

melody thomas scott reads a letter by jeanne cooper at the y&r time capsule opening.Melody Thomas Scott gives voice to Jeanne Cooper's words.

As previously reported, a contingent of The Young and the Restless, headed by veteran cast member Melody Thomas Scott, who portrays Nikki Newman, unearthed a time capsule on the TV City lot, Y&R’s home. A letter from the late, great Jeanne Cooper, who played Katherine Chancellor from 1974 to 2013, had been placed in the capsule, and Thomas Scott read its contents at the ceremony.

Melody Thomas Scott Reads Jeanne Cooper’s Words

Christian Le Blanc (Michael) and Sean Dominic (Nate) had the honor of opening the box and sharing the items of the time capsule. Scripts, cast photos, and other memorabilia had been placed in the tightly sealed container. At one point, Dominic held up a letter, announcing that it was from Cooper. “Open it, open it,” Scott suggested with gusto. “If not now, when?”

Le Blanc tore open the envelope and walked the note over to Scott for her to read. The first thing the actress did was confirm that the letter was indeed written on the late Cooper’s personal stationary.

Y&R: Hanging With Mrs. Cooper

“To Whom it May Concern,” began Scott as she read her late co-star’s note. “It is my sincerest wish that this planet has improved the condition of all its inhabitants and their habitats. That’s my wish when this capsule surfaces.”

Not missing a beat, the quick-witted Scott said with a trace of sadness in her voice, “I wish she were right.”

It was anyone’s guess as to what Cooper’s letter was going to say. After all, she was well-known for her ability to inject humor when she was communicating. Cooper’s 2012 memoir “Not Young, Still Restless” showcased her funny bone, as did her acceptance speech at the 2008 Daytime Emmy when the actress won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series.

Jeanne Cooper: Deep Thoughts

“Jeanne’s words were actually correct and probably one of her thoughts, but it is not the definitive thought when I think of Jeanne,” Le Blanc told Soap Hub of Cooper’s compassionate note. “It’s hard for me to encapsulate Jeanne into one piece of paper. I spent so much time with her. She would talk stream of consciousness like I do [but] if you just tuned in and relaxed, it was genius.”

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