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Y&R Star Eric Braeden Speaks Out Ahead Of Midterm Elections

The veteran soap star pulled no punches about the upcoming voting.

Eric Braeden The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Eric Braeden pulls no punches when he portrays The Great Victor Newman. Off-screen, the veteran soap star tells it like it is, and most recently, he spoke out about what he saw as abuses ahead of the midterm elections in the United States.

Eric Braeden On The Election

Braeden took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the election coming up soon in Arizona. In his first tweet, which you can see below, he sounded off on Arizona Republicans talking about election fraud before the election has even taken place.

“How can these REPUBLICAN MORONS IN AZ RUNNING FOR OFFICE ALREADY WARN OF IRREGULARITIES IN THE ELECTION! You guys really drank the koolaide! You are a laughing stock, if it weren’t so serious !! You are part of cheapening our democracy!! SHAMEFUL! You know better!!”

Later, Braeden sent another tweet about men standing near Arizona drop boxes wearing tactical gear, which could make some voters feel intimidated.

The Victor actor wrote, “Some of you nutcases are showing up in TACTICAL GEAR AND MASKS to intimidate voters?? You are ABJECT COWARDS!! You are not MEN, you are measly cowards!!”

One Twitter user replied that the country is in trouble, but the actor gave his solution for the unrest. “NOT IF WE ALL GO OUT AND VOTE !! and keep on exposing them for what they are: unpatriotic cowards!!”

Braeden wrote about escaping Hitler’s Germany during World War II, and he regularly speaks out about extremism in U.S. politics. An immigrant, he’s ineligible to run for president, but that didn’t stop some fans from suggesting he take up politics in his later years.

“Eric, your passion, your fearlessness, your intelligence, and name recognition around the country makes me think you should run for office. Maybe you aren’t eligible for the Presidency, but Senator or Governor? Think about it.” He didn’t reply to that suggestion, but others echoed it in their replies.

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