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On The Couch: Here’s Why Victor Is Scapegoating Jack On Young and the Restless

Why no good deed goes unpunished on Y&R.

A red chair and Victor from The Young and the Restless with the Soap Hub logo.Victor needs to be analyzed.

Victor is furious on The Young and the Restless. Nikki has fallen off the wagon again. Does he blame Jordan, the woman who physically pumped vodka into Nikki’s veins? Nope. Does he blame Claire, who set Nikki up and literally walked her into Jordan’s trap? Nope. Does he blame the horse that threw Nikki years ago, leading to a back injury and a habit of washing painkillers down with vodka? Nope.

Victor blames…Jack. The man who literally risked his life to convince Nikki to go to rehab. Sure. That makes sense. Well, it does to Victor. Let’s put him on the couch (er…chair) to demonstrate why.

Cover Story

Victor (Eric Braeden) insists that he’s angry with Jack (Peter Bergman — he opened up about Jack’s dangerous game) because, as Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) AA sponsor, his job is to keep Nikki from drinking. Nikki is drinking. Ergo, Jack failed. Ergo, he is to blame, and whatever Victor does to get back at him will be smugly justified, like all the things Victor does.

Remember that time he was holding Jack prisoner and brought in a lookalike named Marco to impersonate him? Marco slept with Jack’s then-wife, Phyllis (then-Gina Tognoni), and it was all swept under the rug like Victor wasn’t just a kidnapper but also party to getting his wife raped? Yeah. That. Good times!

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The Real Real

Victor may not be able to admit it, but any therapist — even one who got her degree off-screen, like Sharon (Sharon Case — where is she?) — should be able to tell him that the reason person Victor is furious with is himself.

He couldn’t protect Nikki from Claire (Hayley Erin). He couldn’t protect Nikki from Jordan (Colleen Zenk) — more than once. And, worst of all, he didn’t notice that Nikki was drinking again. Not like Jack did. When Nikki needed help, she didn’t call Victor. She called Jack, who put his own life on the line in a way, a selfish control freak like Victor never would. That’s what’s stoking Victor’s rage, and that’s what he wants Jack punished for.

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