The Young and the Restless

Maybe Victor Should Take The Blame For Something on The Young and the Restless (YR)!

Victor Plays Dirty With Nick’s Daughter on The Young and the Restless

Victor Newman somehow feels he can do no wrong no matter how much wrong he actually does just about every single day on The Young and the Restless (YR).

This time, he’s wronged his precocious little granddaughter, who happens to be the light of his life. While Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) has the potential to be a mini Victor (Eric Braeden) one day as she also always believes she’s right–in her current situation, she just might be.

Her granddad LIED to her, and she is NOT taking that lightly. Of course, Victor has every excuse in the world because he always does, and Faith isn’t having any of that.

Soap Hub asked who you think is to blame for hurting Faith this time around. (Boy, is this kid going to need some intense therapy.)

Oh, Victor!
Victor, you’ve done it again, say 91% of you. First, it was YOU who kicked Nick (Joshua Morrow) out of the home where he was raising his children. He might have been angry at his son and yes, Nick was essentially getting a free ride, but he sure didn’t think of the kids and how the older one would feel about having to leave her home.

Sure, he tried to break it to her gently by traveling up to camp and telling Faith that her dad had moved in with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), but he left his part in the situation out of things. So, first, he didn’t think of Faith’s feelings when Nick had to move, and second, he LIED to her.

Maybe He Should Grow Up?
A very small 9% of you blame Nick. After all, he could have been living on his own property all this time since he is a grown man with both grown and small children. Second, he didn’t HAVE to move in with Chelsea, knowing how Faith would feel about the living arrangements.

That part’s on Nick. Again, he could have finally found his OWN place, been his own man, and started paying his way in the world.

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