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Jack Abbott and Diane’s Get-Jeremy Plan Goes Off Without A Hitch

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, January 18, 2023 brings a fairytale ending for Jack and Diane.

young and the restless recap jack abbott and diane jenkins watch as chance arrests jeremy starkJeremy, Chance, Jack, and Diane

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings a surprisingly easy end to Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins’s plan as Chance arrested Jeremy Stark.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Chance had a search warrant for Jeremy’s room, and then Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Diane Jenkins showed up to put the final pieces of their plan in place. Kyle worried about his mother as Summer worried about their relationship. At Society, Phyllis admitted to all her wrongs while Tucker pretended he was zen. Finally, Lily and Jill arrived at a decision about Devon’s request. Now let’s dive deeper into what went down.

Jack Abbott Gets The Girl…Er Woman

Chance (Conner Floyd) showed up at Jeremy’s hotel suite. A robed Jeremy (James Hyde) wanted to know why the detective was in his room. Chance had a warrant from the Chicago Police Department, and he had to search the premises. Jeremy asked for a few minutes to change, which Chance allowed.

chance chancellor flashing his police badge at the open door of jeremy stark's hotel room
Chance Chancellor flashes his badge at Jeremy Stark.

The ex-convict wanted to know more, but Chance suggested he read the warrant. Jeremy said he hadn’t been to Chicago in years, so he knew the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Talk turned to why Jeremy was in Genoa City, but he kept things vague.

Chance kept searching the room, and Jeremy said that he had nothing to hide. However, Chance found building schematics to the exact building that the Chicago PD was concerned about. Chance said video surveillance showed a man of Jeremy’s size wearing a black windbreaker entering the building. Again Jeremy said he wasn’t in Chicago, but Chance wanted to know if Jeremy owned a black windbreaker.

Jeremy denied knowing the Newmans, and he declared that he was being set up, but Chance wanted to look through his belongings. The ex-con suggested that Chance look at Diane and Jack. After some back and forth with Chance, Jeremy opened the door to Diane and Jack. As she walked into the suite, Diane said Jeremy had said he was headed to Chicago, and he called her a liar.

chance chancellor holding back jeremy stark as jack abbott protects diane jenkins
Jack Abbott protects Diane Jenkins as Chance Chancellor holds back Jeremy Stark.

Chance found a black windbreaker, and he wanted to know why Jack and Diane were there. They said it was to discuss Diane’s debt. Jeremy said they were lying and they’d planted all the evidence. Chance didn’t want to hear it. The detective began to search Jeremy as Diane and Jeremy began yelling back and forth. Chance found Nikki’s necklace in Jeremy’s pocket.

Jeremy vowed to take down Diane if he was going down, and he told Chance that Diane was the one who’d brought him the necklace that morning. Chance wanted to know where Diane had been, and Jack confirmed she’d been with him all night. Diane also explained her history with Jeremy, and she accused him of stalking and threatening her since his release from prison. Jack vouched for Diane’s statement to Chance.

The detective wanted to know why Diane hadn’t come to the police, but she said she was embarrassed. Jeremy insisted that Diane was a liar, and he said he’d be out by lunch, but Chance didn’t think so since he’d had stolen merchandise as an ex-felon, which carried a 10-year sentence.

“Sleep lightly, Diane,” Jeremy warned. “You haven’t seen the last of me.”

“I think we have,” she said as Chance led Jeremy out of the room.

diane jenkins and jack abbott in the abbott living room
Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins celebrate their win.

She hugged Jack, declaring the whole thing was finally over. They went back to the Abbott mansion, elated that their whole plan went off without a hitch. Diane thanked Jack for the big risk he’d taken. Jack said they’d removed the threat so they could focus on what really mattered — them. Then they kissed.

Trouble In Paradise For Kyle And Summer

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle (Michael Mealor) snarked at each other. She continued saying things about her mother, and Kyle called her out for saying stuff that could just as easily apply to his mom. Summer said she couldn’t walk on eggshells around him, and she wondered if Diane was just on Kyle’s mind. She did point out that their moms were adults who were responsible for their own choices.

Kyle remained upset that Summer refused to let Jack and Diane share the details with him, which left him in the dark and worried. Summer disagreed, but Kyle said he should’ve had a vote in it. Jack Abbott called Kyle to let him know Diane was safe, and he asked his son to let Summer know it would be over soon. Summer told Kyle that she wanted him not to get involved in the whole situation, and Kyle wasn’t surprised.

a frustrated summer newman crosses her arms and looks on at kyle abbott as he stares at his computer in jack's office at jabot
Summer Newman Abbott isn’t pleased with Kyle Abbott.

Summer (Allison Lanier) wanted to know where they stood, and he complained that Summer continued to compare their mothers. She said she didn’t put Phyllis on a pedestal the way Kyle did Diane. Kyle got a text letting him know Jeremy had been arrested, and he told Summer.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Kyle asked. “The threat is gone. Everything can go back to normal.”

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“No,” Summer replied.

She said that since Diane’s return, trouble and chaos had ruled their lives. Kyle accused Summer of blaming the victim. However, Summer pointed out that Diane wasn’t a victim — she chose everything she’d done and was now forced to face the repercussions of her poor choices. Summer begged Kyle to see his mom for who she really was.

Y&R Recap: Devon Hamilton Begs Lily And Jill

At Society, Phyllis and Tucker continued their meal. He insisted that she seemed angry, and Phyllis admitted that she was angry. She said the ruthless and self-serving Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) she knew would understand her anger at Diane. He said all Phyllis was doing was bitching about Diane — that’s all Phyllis ever does.

Phyllis blamed Diane for Summer firing her, and she pointed out that her son was even on her case over Diane. She admitted that she was consumed with hatred for her rival, but she insisted she could multitask. Tucker pointed out that Phyllis was starting to lose everything due to Diane, and he wanted to know what it would take for Phyllis to let it go.

Phyllis said Diane could either leave town or drive off a cliff. Tucker suggested that Phyllis shift her focus to something more productive. He asked about Daniel’s project, and Phyllis refused to hand over any ideas to Tucker. She warned him to stay away from her son.

At Devon’s penthouse, Lily (Christel Khalil) barged in. She urgently wanted to discuss undoing their merger with Jill immediately. Lily hoped her brother had changed his mind, but Devon said he still wanted to buy back Hamilton Winters.

On a video call, Jill wanted to know what the hell was wrong with Devon. He remained calm, stating that he just wanted to protect Neil’s legacy and buy back Hamilton Winters. Jill pointed out the damage his move would cause both companies’ images. Devon admitted he did, but he was willing to take the public relations hit because not undoing the merger would be more damaging.

devon hamilton looks at lily winters as they sit in front of a computer at a table in his penthouse
Lily Winters and Devon Hamilton glare at each other while video chatting with Jill Foster Abbott.

Devon said he didn’t want to have a personal argument with Jill and Lily. Jill said it was only about business, but Devon said it was emotional for him, and he pulled out the brother card and the Katherine’s grandson card. He admitted that he’d made a mistake on the merger.

Devon said making decisions by committee wasn’t for him, but he still respected both Jill and Lily. He only wanted to carry on the family legacy in the right way. Devon said he wouldn’t hand over his company to the highest bidder after it helped him and Neil heal and bond.

Jill yelled at Devon for his garbage timing — after all, he should’ve come to those conclusions six months ago. Lily agreed, and she said their father’s company was just as important to her. Lily said that Devon should trust her to protect the company. Devon said he didn’t feel safe or comfortable after what they’d just dealt with, and he said he heard Neil’s voice saying “no” to shareholders.

“I implore both of you to please let me take back control of our father’s company,” Devon said.

Jill admitted that she understood Devon hearing Neil’s voice because she heard “that old bat’s” voice every time she made a decision. She also said they’d have to take Devon’s feelings into account despite the money it would cost them all. Lily recommended that she and Jill should take some time to discuss it, and Devon appreciated his sister’s willingness to talk.

tucker mccall and devon hamilton at the bar at society
Tucker McCall and Devon Hamilton at Society’s bar.

Later, Devon went to the bar at Society and ordered a drink. Tucker walked over, and Devon wasn’t welcoming. He wanted to know what had his son so rattled, but Devon didn’t want to open up to his father. He said he didn’t trust Tucker, and Devon wanted to drink alone. Tucker paid for Devon’s drink, and he let his son know he didn’t plan to leave town. Devon left and returned to his penthouse. Lily was there and said she and Jill had worked it out, and they’d made a decision about Hamilton Winters.

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