The Young and the Restless

Young and the Restless Is Pulling A Fast One on Fans…or Are They?

Devon and Dominic on The Young and the RestlessDevon and Dominic on The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, poor little Dominic Chancellor, after being kidnapped in utero, and delivered by two amateurs, then trapped between four parents, is now suffering from an unnamed blood disorder. Let’s call it aplastic sickle cellassemia. And the only cure for aplastic sickle cellassemia is a bone marrow transplant. So far, so soapy.

Young and the Restless: The Expected Path

Viewers who have been down this path before expected that blood tests to turn up a donor for baby Dominic would turn up the shocking revelation that Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is not actually Dom’s biological father. Or, even more shockingly, that Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) isn’t his biological mother.

Y&R Fake Out

But then, within the span of one episode, Abby learned that she was only a 50% genetic match to Dominic. Luckily, Devon was 100% match, so, yay, bone marrow acquired!

What was the point of this exercise, fans fumed. We didn’t learn anything we didn’t know already. What a waste of airtime!

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Young and the Restless Plot Twist

But, wait, the more scientifically minded viewers noted. Sure, it sounds like good news. And it sounds like Dom has been proven, once and for all, to be Abby and Devon’s biological child. But the reality is that a child is statistically likely to only be a 50% genetic match to any one parent. Ironically enough, you are more likely to be a 100% genetic match to a total stranger, than you are with either one of your parents.

Y&R: Punk’d

So is Y&R messing with us? Are we supposed to think this proves one thing when, in reality, it proves the exact opposite? Are the writers that clever?

Sure, it’s a heck of a coincidence that Devon would match Dominic so exactly. But if we set that aside, is it actually proof they are not father and son? Surprise us, Y&R. Please, surprise us!

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