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Will Juliet’s Death Lead To A Cane And Lily Reunion On The Young And The Restless?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Just like her namesake in the play by William Shakespeare, The Young and the Restless‘ Juliet died an untimely death. Will her unexpected demise lead to a reunion between Cane and Lily?

Soap Hub asked if you think it’s possible for Cane and Lily to get back together now that Juliet’s gone to that great soap opera in the sky. Read on for the results!

Always Ashby
The majority of you, 86% of you, believe that yes, Cane and Lily can reunite as tragedy often brings people together. The tragedy just isn’t in Juliet’s death, but it’s also in the fact that her son, Sam, doesn’t have a family.

If Cane and Lily were to make a go of it again, they’d be able to provide little Sam with a ready-made family, complete with two in-house babysitters, Charlie and Mattie!

Too Little, Too Late
The rest of you, 14%, feel that Cane and Lily can’t be salvaged even though she put a halt to the divorce proceedings once Juliet went into premature labor.

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How could Lily ever again trust Cane since he betrayed her during a drunken business trip in Japan that led to little Sam’s conception? Sure, Lily’s not one to cast stones — she had an affair with Joe Clark when she and Cane were on the outs prior to all this. But Lily’s fling did not result in a child. And Cane’s did!

Give It Time
Nothing has to be decided immediately. The good news is that Cane doesn’t appear to be facing any opposition in keeping his son. Juliet’s dad said in a one-way phone call to Cane that he wouldn’t be coming to the hospital so we can assume he doesn’t want to be a caretaker to his grandson.

Also, Juliet has no siblings that have been mentioned nor is there anyone in Genoa City currently longing to become a parent. Ultimately, the child will likely draw them together. Lily has the capacity to love a child that didn’t grow inside her. And that will make all the difference.

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