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Performer Of The Week: Camryn Grimes Of The Young And The Restless

Camryn Grimes Of The Young And The Restless

Not matter what other great performances are ahead this week few will compare with the heartfelt, angst-ridden acting today from Emmy-winner Camryn Grimes as the conflicted Mariah on The Young and the Restless.

While it seemed like a waste of time to bring Greg Rikaart (also an Emmy-winner) back as Kevin to play “talk to” for Victor last week, Kevin was the perfect person to play Mariah’s confidante given their past relationship.

Awkward Moments
Today’s episode began with a bit of humor with Tessa accidentally letting some saliva fly right into Mariah’s eye as she approached her at Crimson Lights.

Mariah didn’t focus on that for very long; she was quickly back-tracking explaining to Devon and Tessa why her presence wouldn’t be a distraction at her recording session. It’s almost as if Mariah has to remind herself that not everyone’s aware of her feelings for Tessa even though they’re front and center in her mind.

Kevin Can Wait
Mariah was surprised to see Kevin back in town and accompanied him back to the privacy of the Chancellor mansion where they caught up on each other’s lives. Kevin soon sensed sensing something was going on, and after he pushed Mariah to open up, she chuckled, “Dammit! You can always see right through me!”

Another moment of humor that was injected into their talk was Kevin warning Mariah against meeting guys over the Web (longtime Y&R fans recall that Kevin was introduced as an Internet predator).

Eventually, Mariah revealed that she was attracted to another woman and let out a welcome relief that she’s finally put her current situation into words.

Safe in her relationship with Kevin, Mariah was finally able to speak aloud what she’s been going through. And Kevin, being a supportive pal, advised her a) not to put a label on what she was feeling and b) to share what she is feeling with Tessa.

Armed with Kevin’s support and advice, Mariah went to the studio, this time carrying another secret — she’s now ready to have an open conversation with the up and coming indie rock star.

Ironically, some of these powerful scenes today took place at the Chancellor mansion. Decades ago, Katherine was briefly involved with a friend, Joann Curtis, but the story was jettisoned early because of negative viewer reaction. Are viewers more accepting today? Compelling performances by Grimes will hopefully pave the way for acceptance.

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