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From There To Maternity: Is LILY Sam’s REAL Mom on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless wrapped up the Juliet story by having the newcomer die in childbirth. The decision was likely made because fans loathe seeing Cane and Lily apart. Since Juliet’s demise, Lily’s been slowly warming back up to Cane, even offering to donate blood, which, surprisingly, ended up being a match for baby Sam.

This blood anomaly has fans scratching their heads and speculating that this is more than a coincidence. On a Y&R Facebook fan page, one fan posted: “I think Sam is Lily’s son.”

Immediately, others began chiming in with posts either agreeing or asking how this could even be possible. One viewer speculated that Juliet swiped one of the eggs Lily (Christel Khalil) had frozen (before she began chemotherapy) and used that egg to pull off the pregnancy.

If this proves to be true, it’ll be a stretch. Fans recall that Lily had only two eggs harvested prior to going under chemotherapy and those were placed in Mac, who delivered Charlie and Mattie.

It also begs the question as to why (not to mention when and how) Juliet would do this. Was it money? She’d scored a big settlement from Victoria Newman after being canned from Brash & Sassy. And we learned Cane (Daniel Goddard), despite having  held many top positions in Genoa City, was far from wealthy.

Y&R has a history of playing fast and loose with DNA results. Years ago, longtime rivals Katherine and Jill were revealed as mother and daughter. The scene in which Kay was told by DNA experts that she and Jill were related was the focus of a recent Soap Hub VIDEO FLASHBACK. “DNA tests never lie!” Katherine exclaimed to Jill.

Well, except when they do.

A subsequent regime made the jarring decision to establish Kay and Jill were not related…but no explanation was ever given as to why the original results indicated they were! The show hadn’t written in an evil lab tech or vindictive candy striper who was motivated to tinker with the results.

Soap fans are often asked to suspend belief, but there’s a difference between going on a journey with your favorite characters that may take them to new places and writers wanting to simply erase the past and retroactively establish motivations and create moments that simply never existed.

Perhaps a better way to have reunited Cane and Lily (since that’s always the endgame) would have been for Lily to have teamed up with Cane to help him fight a relative of Juliet’s for custody of baby Sam. Over time, their romance could have rekindled.

Stay tuned to see whether this fan theory is true or if Lily being a match for baby Sam is just a wild coincidence.

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Video Credit: Françoise CHARDON

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