The Young and the Restless

Fans Sound Off On Dylan’s New Look

The Young and the Restless, Steve BurtonThe Young and the Restless, Steve Burton

The Young and the Restless takes place in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Taking into account the weather of the past few weeks, viewers can assume it’s been pretty cold (pay no attention to the women walking around in tank-tops; assume all living and public spaces are horribly over-heated).

So who can blame Dylan for taking off to the warmer pastures of Miami, Florida? Sure, there’s a drug dealer takedown involved, but it’s mostly for the beach weather.

And when in Rome (including the one in Georgia), you gotta do as the Romans do. Which explains Dylan’s new look. Would you say it’s a hit or a miss? Over 3000 fans split the vote.

Say Yes To the Dress!
Let’s face it: Dylan’s (Steve Burton) look throughout his time in Genoa City has been a bit… vanilla. He was a fine, upstanding fellow, who even stood by his wife when she admitted to kidnapping her ex-husband’s baby, which can be seen as either noble or foolish, but certainly steadfast.

And his wardrobe reflected that. Now that he’s going undercover to expose a drug ring, Dylan is hitting the styling gel, rocking the facial hair, and wearing his sunglasses at night, as the hip kids do.

And 58% of you are here for it! Maybe next he’ll add a leather jacket, and a stone-cold expression and who knows….

Fashion Don’t
On the other hand, for 42% of watchers, this isn’t the Dylan they – and Sharon (Sharon Case) – love.

They liked their guy the way he was, especially if that meant ample opportunity to gaze into those baby blue eyes, and to stare at Dylan’s pecs without the eyesore of polka dots getting in their way. They want Dylan back in Genoa City, pronto, and they want him looking the way he did before, thank you.

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