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Does Victoria Want To Be Like Her Ruthless Father On The Young and the Restless?

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Victor Newman’s biography was titled Ruthless — and it’s a name that some feel could be attributed to his daughter, Victoria. The Brash & Sassy exec has shown she can be just as cutthroat in the business world as her father has been on The Young and the Restless (YR).

Soap Hub asked Y&R fans to weigh in on Victoria’s tougher stance. Does she want to be like her dad? Read on for the results!

Victoria, Victor
The majority of you, 61%, feel that Victoria (Amelia Heinle) does want to emulate her father. The facts are pretty clear. She’s dismissed employees (Juliet, Cane, Jordan) if she feels they are a liability. More recently, she tried to lure Ravi away from Jabot until Ashley assertively stepped in and shot down the corporate raid.

Victoria didn’t let her former stepmother rattle her. In fact, we got the impression that Victoria will remember Ashley blocking her move and will get even someday!

Queen Victoria
A small 5% of you feel that no way does she want to be like Victor (Eric Braeden). She’s seen him be mean to her mother, Nikki, and pull all kinds of antics to get what he wants.

Sure, Victoria’s been a little more assertive in business lately, but sometimes that’s simply called for in order to stay competitive. Still, this is a low number. Victoria just might be more like her dad than she’s willing to admit.

Check The Bloodlines
The rest of you are taking a wait-and-see approach with Victoria. A little over 34% of you feel that deep down, she does want to be like her dad — only she doesn’t know it yet. Victoria will be presented with challenges and trials in the coming months. Will she side with her dad when it comes to his more demanding business deals?

Will she continue to protect her mother at all costs? Perhaps Victoria is like her father, but she’s also very much her mother’s daughter, too. It’d be impossible for Victoria to become fully like her dad since half of her DNA comes from her Nikki, who has great compassion.

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