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Young and the Restless Missing Persons: Where Has Half of Genoa City Gone?

It’s a Genoa City investigation!

young and the restless chance, allie, noah, tessa, mariahWhere have these Genoa City folks gone?

For weeks, The Young and the Restless viewers had to hear about Noah’s club. Would Victor give him money for the club? Would Nick let Noah quit New Hope to start a club? Would anyone come to the club…who wasn’t comped? The answers were yes, yes, and….we have no idea. Unless, of course, Noah’s club is so hot and happening, it’s where everyone has disappeared to.

Young and the Restless: Young Love

We figure Noah (Rory Gibson) is busy running the place. And is-she-still-his-girlfriend Allie (Kelsey Wang) drops by in between doing chemistry things at Jabot. There, they chat with Moses (Jacob Aaron Gaines), who was living in Genoa City with his brother, Devon (Bryton James)…and then he suddenly wasn’t. Is he spending all his nights at the club? Zooming with Faith (Reylynn Caster), who went to college…and decided never to come back. Maybe she’s hanging out with Lily’s twins?

Grown Up Y&R Despair

The club is so hot and happening that cop Chance (Conner Floyd) has to stop by every once in a while to make sure everything is on the up and up. Maybe it’s where he takes Dominic on the days he has visitation with his son. Maybe the hot spot also has a kid’s club during the day. Noah is such a wonderful businessman — he is a descendant of Victor’s (Eric Braeden), after all — that he maximizes profits. It’s a nightclub by night, a play space by day!

Not only Chance and Dominic take advantage of the facilities, but Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) with their presumably as yet unnamed baby daughter. That’s why we never see any of them. They’re all on the other side of town.

The only person still unaccounted for is Sharon (Sharon Case). Sure, we see her at the coffee house once in a while, but where is she the rest of the time? Maybe she’s doing free therapy at Noah’s club. Trying to explain to all the patrons why they are feeling so invisible lately.

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