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Why Was The Best Young and the Restless Episode In Ages A Dream?

We loved this Y&R episode, so why can’t we have more of it?

the young and the restless dream with adam, sally , and nickThis Young and the Restless episode was a dream come true...almost.

We’ll admit it, The Young and the Restless. You got us. When we saw Sally get the results of her paternity test only one act into Tuesday’s episode, we said, “Wow! That was unexpected!” When Sally told Adam about the results right away, we were blown away.

Young and the Restless Gets Dreamy

When the two had an emotional, adult, and sweet conversation about the baby-to-be, we actually raised the volume on our TV, so that we wouldn’t miss a word. And then…well, hmm.

Y&R: Fooled You

Fake out! It was all a dream sequence! None of that happened! (Side question: How did Sally [Courtney Hope] know to fantasize about Adam [Mark Grossman] demanding Victor [Eric Braeden] make him CEO of Newman Enterprises right at that moment? Does she just know her ex-boyfriend that well?)

And right after that dream sequence came another dream sequence. Which was also great. In her fantasy of Adam, Sally imagined him being an excited father…not to mention a man who never stopped loving her. In her fantasy of Nick (Joshua Morrow), Sally admitted to herself that the man didn’t love her. He liked her a heck of a lot. But this was not the great love he shared with his true soulmate, Sharon (Sharon Case).

Young and the Restless: Admit It, Why Don’t You?

All of those things are true. And if Sally’s subconscious knows it, that means the show knows it, too. The show knows that Sally and Adam are the couple worth rooting for and that Nick is just…there. They made it clear in their well-written and insightful scenes.

And then they copped out. It’s like the show knows where the good drama is, knows who the right couple is, and knows what viewers want to see. And then refuses to go there for…reasons.

Listen, we get it. Nobody wants a happy couple. There needs to be drama and angst and obstacles. But good soap is when you know who is destined to be together and are pulling for them. And great soap is when you realize the show understands this, and is, slowly but surely, inching in that direction.

Today was a great preview of what could be. Now, next time, let’s make it for realz.

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