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Where Do Dead Babies Come From on The Young and the Restless?

Is this a thriving Y&R business?

claire grace and victoria newman on the young and the restless.How could Claire Grace really be Victoria's daughter, Eve?

On The Young and the Restless, Aunt Jordan shot herself in the foot by confessing that she’d lied to her niece, Claire, for years. Victoria and Cole didn’t give her away. Jordan stole their baby daughter from the hospital, replaced her with a sick baby, and let the Howards think their daughter, Eve, had died. Claire was furious, and she had many questions. So did we. But not the same ones.

Young and the Restless: Living a Lie

Claire (Hayley Erin) first wanted to know why her parents didn’t want her, and then, when she learned that they did, she wanted to know why her aunt would pull such a cruel trick on a girl Jordan (Colleen Zenk) claimed to love (find out more about that here)? While we wait for how Jordan will spin that one, we’d like some answers, too.

Flashback Fun

This isn’t Y&R’s first baby switch. Over 30 years ago, evil nurse Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) — yes, the one who is currently still evil over on The Bold and the Beautiful — was obsessed with Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) husband, Scott (Peter Barton).

Lauren and Scott split up over Sheila but then, Lauren discovered she was pregnant with Scott’s child. Sheila was pregnant by Scott, too, only she miscarried his baby. When Lauren gave birth to a son who she claimed was Paul’s (Doug Davidson), Sheila switched little Scotty with an infant Lauren named Dylan. So Sheila and Scott were raising his biological child, while Lauren watched the boy she thought was hers die from meningitis.

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Present Day

Now, Jordan claims she did the same thing. She witched little Eve Nicole Howard with a dying baby she just found…laying around? She said lots of babies were born that same day. But if she took one of those from the hospital, wouldn’t those parents (and doctors) have noticed?

So it had to be a baby from outside the hospital. One the same age as little Eve, and premature, to boot. Is there some sick baby store in Genoa City that we’re not aware of? Is it run by Rose DeVille? If you don’t get that reference, ask Nina (Tricia Cast).

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