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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Nina Webster

The Young And The Restless Nina WebsterThe Young And The Restless Nina Webster

Throughout soap opera history, there have been characters who are scrappy upstarts, loyal pals, and true-blue heroines. Nina Webster on The Young and the Restless has been those things and more, thanks to the solid portrayal of the character by Emmy-winning star Tricia Cast.

Who Is Nina Webster

As a pregnant teen, Nina fell into the clutches of Rose DeVille, who ran a black-market baby business. Nina’s new pal Cricket Blair tried to help her get her baby boy back from Rose, pointing out that as a minor, Nina wasn’t able to sign a legal document. But Rose got away with selling Nina’s firstborn.

Finding Phillip
Despite Cricket’s kindness to her, Nina tried to steal Phillip, Cricket’s boyfriend. They made love while Phillip was drunk and Nina got pregnant again. Because Cricket and Phillip had both grown up without fathers, they ended plans to have a future together. Phillip, somewhat reluctantly, married Nina. Sadly, Phillip died from injuries he sustained while drunk-driving. (Or so everyone thought…more on that later!)

Friends Forever
Nina finally responded to Cricket’s overtures of friendship by being one to her in return. After Cricket was date-raped, Nina brought her pal to the emergency room and demanded that she be treated properly. All of a sudden, Nina was someone you wanted on your side in a bar fight!

Bang, Bang

Scheming David Kimball set his sights on widowed Nina after she inherited Phillip’s estate. Nina’s pals all tried to convince her to not fall for David, but Nina found him irresistible. Later, Nina learned of David’s scheme and fired several shots into her husband, fearing not only for her own life but her son’s, too.

Trial And Error
Nina stood trial on The Young and the Restless for David’s attempted murder. Gone was the troublemaking teen liar and in her place was a heroic young mother who shot a man to defend herself and her son. The jury found her guilty, but Nina’s savvy attorney, John Silva, had the jury polled after spying a sympathetic face on the panel.

The judge sent the jury back to deliberate once again and on the second try, Nina was found not guilty! She wasn’t out of danger, though. David tried to kill her and Cricket, but wound up trash-compacting himself to death!

Torrid Triangle
Nina fell for rising Newman Enterprises employee Ryan McNeil only to lose him to Victoria Newman, his boss’s daughter. Victoria wasn’t mature enough for marriage, so she and Ryan split, freeing him to marry Nina. She miscarried Ryan’s baby, but he adored being a stepdad to her precocious young son, Phillip IV.

The triangle of Nina, Ryan, and Victoria became a quadrangle with the addition of Vicki’s second husband, Cole. Nina didn’t take it well when Ryan wanted out. She grew despondent and accidentally shot herself while arguing with Ryan.

Nina Webster Moves On

Nina recovered and started dating her son’s soccer coach, Brett. That didn’t last nor did her relationship with Tomas Del Cerro. After their engagement was broken, Nina moved to the west coast to continue her writing career.

Surprise Reunions on The Young and the Restless
Nina returned to Genoa City to have her late husband’s body exhumed to find out if their son, Chance, might be in jeopardy of developing Huntington’s disease. The casket was empty! Phillip returned and explained he had faked his death years ago because he was gay and wanted to live a new life in Australia. Nina did her best to play peacemaker between Phillip and their son.

Chance Encounter
Nina met Ronan Malloy, her son’s partner on the police squad, and was taken aback when Ronan curtly asked why she had once left California. Later, Nina learned that Ronan was her firstborn son. In time, Ronan let Nina know that he was grateful they had found one another. She had started dating Paul as he and Christine (previously Cricket) were divorced. But Chris returned, and Nina stepped aside so that her old pal could remarry her ex.

This move was a testament as to how Nina and Cricket had started out has rivals but ended up as best friends. She’s been absent from Genoa City for years, but now with her late pal Katherine’s will being contested, it’s an ideal time for Nina to return! The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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