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Five Kay Chancellor Stories We Loved on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless KayThe Young and the Restless Kay

Katherine Chancellor first graced The Young and the Restless with her presence in 1973. She was both beloved and hated by fans, who witnessed the character’s rise and fall throughout her 40 years on the soap. These are a few of our favorite Kay Chancellor moments on the Y&R.

Kay Chancellor: A Woman Scorned

Despite resigning herself to a life without her beloved Phillip, Kay had a sudden change of heart. She became resolute in her desire to fight for the husband who had flown to the Dominican Republic in order to seek a divorce.

To that end, she ceased her consumption of alcohol, gave up the cigarettes Phillip so despised, and drove to the airport in order to reveal her new and improved self. When she received a cold rebuff, and Phillip insisted that he planned to wed Jill Foster, Katherine purposefully crashed the vehicle hoping to kill them both. Phillip did indeed perish… but not before making good on his promise.

Katherine, however, used every legal means available to not only have her ex’s new marriage annulled but to also bar Jill from claiming that her unborn child was actually sired by Phillip.

A Haunting on The Young and the Restless

Katherine loved Derek Thurston but he was only attracted to her wealth and privilege. In exchange for monetary gain, he agreed to Katherine’s marriage proposal. When her new husband’s ties to the criminal underworld resulted in Katherine being shot and paralyzed, Derek’s ex-wife Suzanne Lynch happily offered her services as a nursemaid and companion.

But Suzanne’s generosity masked her true intentions: drive Katherine insane and take over the running of the estate. Suzanne succeeded in getting Katherine committed to a mental institution – which promptly burned to the ground.

Afterward, Suzanne was visited by the specter of her victim who delighted in taunting her for her crimes and making life at the mansion a misery. But Kay was actually alive and well and merely toying with the “contemptible tramp.”

The Odd Couple

Despondent over the state of her life, Katherine decided to end it all. Though she had hoped the plunge from the cruise ship into the waters below would kill her, Katherine was instead rescued by Felipe Ramirez, a Cuban revolutionary hiding out in Jamaica.

He forced her to toil alongside him on the island – no special privileges for the wealthy – and she, in turn, helped him perfect his English. They were an unlikely pair, but a deep and abiding friendship formed.

Katherine’s Facelift on The Young and the Restless

Years of hard living, copious amounts of liquor and thousands of cigarettes had ravaged Katherine’s once-great beauty. She was heartened to learn that she would be an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery and thanks to the work of Dr. Jacobs, she emerged from her facelift procedure looking better than ever.

A Puzzling Affair

Katherine finally had the goods on Jill. In her possession were photographs taken of her most hated rival engaging in coitus with her husband’s son! Though she attempted to take the high road, Katherine eventually revealed Jill’s affair – by having one of the snapshots repurposed into a puzzle which she sent to the cuckolded John Abbott… piece by piece.

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