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Sharon Rosales Is Y&R’s Patron Saint Of Genoa City

Has Sharon achieved sainthood?

Sharon Rosales The Young and the Restless

Sharon Rosales offering Chelsea Lawson the upstairs apartment at Crimson Lights on The Young and the Restless was…something. For months now, former frontburner Sharon has been relegated to serving coffee and dishing out bite-sized pieces of wisdom, which she supposedly gained during her studies to become a therapist. Now, she’s gone and made such an altruistic offer that we truly must crown her Patron Saint of Genoa City.

Saint Sharon Rosales At Your Service

Whether she’s supporting one of her children or dispensing sage advice to some of Genoa City’s finest, it’s hard to watch Sharon be sidelined so much without a major storyline of her own since losing Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). It’s tough on fans, too. Twitter user and Y&R fan @MermaidDreamsx noted that the (rather unbelievable) story of Sharon offering Chelsea the apartment to rent, given their history, was her personal villain origin story.

While we’re not quite to that point over it, there’s no denying that it’s surprising nearly to the point of unbelievable. Recently, Chelsea attempted to frame Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) for murder by poisoning Rey. She nearly succeeded, and instead of paying for her crimes, she had to get mental health treatment. When Chelsea returned to town, Rey surprised everyone by giving her a second chance.

Of course, nobody has mentioned the possibility that Chelsea’s poison game might have been what caused his death. After all, Rey was fairly young and healthy, so what might have caused his heart attack? We suspect it may have been the poison. Does Sharon even consider this possibility? It doesn’t seem like she has yet.

Then, before Chelsea messed with Rey, she and Sharon had their own sordid history. They clashed over Adam (now Mark Grossman). At one point, Chelsea even got Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) involved, ratting Sharon out over the fire. There’s also the fact that both women were married to Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) at one point.

Has Sharon really grown and changed that much? Sure, Chelsea was in serious trouble when she nearly jumped from the roof of The Grand Phoenix. But, is Sharon at risk of becoming a doormat? Or is she showing tremendous character? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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