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On The Couch: Why Y&R’s Nikki Newman Has Given Up A Life Of Her Own

Where has the Nikki Newman of Y&R past gone?

nikki newman of young and the restless on the soap hub couch.Nikki Newman gets her turn on the Soap Hub couch.

Nikki Newman used to be one of the busiest women on The Young and the Restless. If she wasn’t stripping and pursuing yet another wealthy husband, she was playing Victor against Jack, dallying with younger men, and butting into her children’s love lives. She’s also dabbled in politics, piano playing, horseback riding, alcoholism, and revenge. A full plate, indeed!

On The Couch: Nikki Newman

Now, however, while she technically has a job as Newman Enterprises’ COO, most of her time is spent either telling Victor or Victoria how wonderful they are, and how great all of their decisions are. What has happened to our spitfire Nikki? We throw her on the therapist’s couch for a nice, in-depth look beyond the blond bombshell.

Young & Restless: Mind the Exhaust

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is tired. We don’t blame her. Even with long-lost son Dylan (Steve Burton) gone and long forgotten by pretty much everyone, Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) are still a handful. Nick is wavering between Sharon (Sharon Case) and Sally (Courtney Hope), again, neither of whom is appropriate for him, as per Nikki. And Victoria (Amelia Heinle) has hooked up yet again with a guy who is so obviously playing her – yet Nikki seems to be the only one who can see it.

Meanwhile, Victor (Eric Braeden) has made barking orders his full-time personality. Who wouldn’t be tired and just default into, “Yes, dear, anything you say dear,” just to get a little peace and quiet? Nikki knows arguing with Victor won’t do any good. So why not just take the path of least resistance?

Nikki Newman: Fail-Safe

But the biggest issue in play behind Nikki’s newfound passivity is what just happened with her and Diane (Susan Walters). Nikki, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) all lost their minds together over Jack’s (Peter Bergman) ex returning to Genoa City. Phyllis went so far over the bend that she faked her own death and, as a result, lost the love of her children, not to mention risked prison time. Ashley is so insanely incensed that she married Tucker (Trevor St. John) and is playing her brothers against each other. In other words, both women are clinically mentally ill over Diane.

Nikki was the only one who saw what was happening and decided that she wasn’t going to be another of Diane’s victims. She’d be taking a step back and, just in case, doing nothing. If she does nothing for a while, she won’t risk turning into either Phyllis or Ashley. And that’s worth just smiling and nodding and agreeing. If it will keep Nikki from losing her mind.

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