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On the Couch: Why Young and the Restless’ Aunt Jordan Lost Her Mind

We put Jordan on the Y&R couch.

the young and the restless has aunt jordan now on the soap hub couch.It's time for Aunt Jordan got her time on the couch.

No one watching The Young and the Restless over the past few weeks can have any doubt that Claire’s aunt Jordan left sanity behind many, many moons ago. The question is: Why? Claire thinks she knows. But, we have some better ideas. Time for a Y&R on the couch visit for Jordan!

On The Couch: Aunt Jordan

Sure, Jordan (Colleen Zenk) told Victor (Eric Braeden), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), Cole (J. Eddie Peck), and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) that she stole baby Eve Nicole, renamed her Claire (Hayley Erin), and then turned her into a weapon against the Newmans as a way to avenge her late sister, Eve (Margaret Mason). (Learn more about Eve here.)

Not So Fast

Except Cole and even Jordan agreed that Jordan and Eve weren’t close. Of course, the logical assumption is that Jordan felt so bad about how she and Eve would never have a chance to reconcile, that she went out of her way to hurt the people who’d hurt her sister. Yeah, we’re not buying it.

Dig Deeper

What we’re seeing is a woman who is jealous of her sister. Jordan appears to be childless. Eve had Cole who loved her even in spite of her periodic mental slips. Why couldn’t Jordan have a son like that? Well, she could. Kind of. Jordan couldn’t take Cole from Eve but she could take Eve’s granddaughter and raise her like her own. Claire would love Jordan the way Cole loved Eve! And Eve wouldn’t mind. She was dead.

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Truth Be Told

But that’s also just an excuse. Sure, Jordan envies Eve having Cole. Because, for years, Cole was presumed to be Victor’s child. And every woman wants to have Victor’s child. Every woman wants to have Victor, right? Jordan can claim she did everything for Eve and for Eve’s granddaughter. But we — and by we, we mean Victor — know it was all due to frustrated love for him.

After all, who did Jordan target first? Was it Victor, who hurt Eve? Was it Victoria, who supposedly got rid of Claire? No. It was Nikki. Nikki, who had Victor, when Jordan didn’t. Who wouldn’t go mad with envy over that?

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