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On the Couch: Why Is Kyle Abbott Such a Nothing on Young and the Restless?

We dig deep into his Y&R psyche to figure out why Kyle can’t make decisions

kyle abbott on the young and the restless gets his chance on the couchTime to put Kyle Abbott on the Y&R couch.

We’re pretty sure Kyle Abbott doesn’t think he’s a mess on The Young and the Restless. We’re pretty sure he thinks he’s got it together. He’s married to the woman of his dreams. His son is an angel. And he’s got a great job that he worked so, so hard for. Kyle thinks he’s the bomb!

Young and the Restless: Get on the Couch, Kyle Abbott

Why, then, is he pretty much incapable of making a decision, taking action, or objecting without his eyes welling up, his lower lip starting to tremble, and him looking two seconds away from falling on the floor and wailing in a full-out tantrum? We put the Abbot heir on the couch to find out!

Y&R: Back and Forth

Kyle (Michael Mealor) can never take a stand on anything because poor Kyle never knows where he stands…with anyone. Growing up, he was first bounced between Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack (Peter Bergman), who took turns either madly loving each other or madly hating each other.

How is a kid supposed to navigate that minefield? Then, Diane “died,” and Kyle was raised by his grandparents. Yet, during his toast at the Genoa City Gala, Jack claimed he raised his son in the Abbott house. The poor doofus is perenially being gaslit.

Kyle Abbott Can Be Wishy-Washy

But Kyle’s biggest problem is making up his mind where women are concerned. Remember when he loved Lola (Sasha Calle) so much that he was willing to give into Summer’s blackmail and marry her just so Summer would be Lola’s liver donor? Kyle loved Lola so much that he couldn’t even fulfill his year-long fake marriage commitment to Summer and broke it off to marry Lola. Boy, did Kyle love Lola!

Young and the Restless: Nevermind

Until he woke up one morning to tell her that Lola must have known it all along…Kyle has always loved Summer, and he always would. Sure, she left him at the altar a few times. But Kyle married her anyway. Because he has always loved her. He has never loved anyone else.

Diagnosis For Kyle Abbott on Young and the Restless

Poor Kyle. He can’t make a decision and stick to it because he has never, ever in his life, seen anyone do that. Kyle can’t even rebel consistently. When he first came back to Genoa City, he was scheming with Victor (Eric Braeden) against Jack. Then he wasn’t.

We blame Jack and Diane equally. They lied to the kid that they loved each other when they hated each other. They lied to him that they hated each other when they obviously loved each other. The same with Summer. I love you, I’m leaving you, I love you, I’m blackmailing you, I love you, I’m…well, no wonder Kyle is confused. And stunted. He is a toddler in the body of a grown man. He never matured because no one ever treated him like an adult. No one was ever straight with him. And now he can’t even be straight with himself.

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