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On the Couch: Why All of Y&R’s Genoa City Needs Anger Management Therapy

Who has gone over the bend most on Y&R?

on the young and the restless couch in genoa city, victor, phyllis, ashley, billy, summer.What is in the Y&R water in Genoa City?

We understand that soaps run on big feelings, and The Young and the Restless has long showcased its share. But either there is something in the water, or most of Genoa City has completely lost its grip in a way it hasn’t experienced before. Just last week, the reactions, or, rather, overreactions, have gone through the roof. Here’s who we think most needs to take some deep breaths, meditate, and then hit our couch for anger management therapy.

On The Couch: The Usual Genoa City Suspects

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) has been foaming at the mouth for trivial reasons ever since Summer (Allison Lanier) dared leave her mommy’s side for a life of her own in Italy. Summer came scurrying back, but then Phyllis transferred her mania to Diane (Susan Walters), and it was contagious.

Now Summer is taking a lesson from Mommie Dearest and flying off the handle, refusing to see how she might be contributing to her own unhappiness. That’s something she might want to discuss in therapy. First alone, and then bring her mother. So we can tell her how she’s completely to blame.

Both Sides of the Y&R Fence

We know that Billy (Jason Thompson) was faking his outburst at Jack (Peter Bergman). But was he, really? He got just as worked up when talking about Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to Jack (Peter Bergman) as he did when talking about Jack to Ashley. That’s not a good sign. Is he a double agent now? Triple? We think the uncertainty is what’s making him so unhinged in both scenarios.

Losing My Mind In Genoa City

Ashley, on the other hand, doesn’t even have that excuse. She’s just…gone around the bend. Over Diane (Susan Walters). This is a woman who has survived actual nervous breakdowns and psychotic episodes. We understand that means she’s prone to them. But we’d also hope that meant she’d know her triggers and get help immediately. That does not seem to be happening at this moment.

Young & Restless: Punch Drunk

And then there’s Victor (Eric Braeden). We truly do not know how Adam (Mark Grossman) didn’t burst into giggles when Victor raised his voice and, like a toddler who skipped his nap, shrieked, “I’m the head of this family, I’m in charge, me, me, me, meeeeeee!” Victor, at least, has an outlet — boxing — for when he’s flipped his lid in the silliest manner possible. But, if it’s supposed to be grounding him, we’ve got bad news: It’s not working.

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