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Emails From Afar: Aria’s Y&R Doctor Schools Mariah Copeland and Tessa

Why Mariah and Tessa need to chill out on Y&R.

a computer for email to be sent to mariah copeland and tessa porter on young and the restless.Will this calm down Mariah Copeland and Tessa?

Ever since baby Aria failed to respond to some loud noises on The Young and the Restless, her moms, Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter, have been acting like their little girl received a terminal illness diagnosis. They’re so upset that Mariah can’t even stay in her house. We’re attributing it to Mariah completely losing her mind. Which is why we’re sure — or at least hoping that — Aria’s doctor wrote them the following letter.

To Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter

Dear Moms of Aria Copeland-Porter — It was a pleasure seeing you again this afternoon for Aria’s follow-up audiology appointment. She is an adorable little girl, and she does love her hair bows! As we discussed, there is definitely a hearing loss, though cause and severity are still being explored. Hearing aids are one option, as is a possible cochlear implant. But the purpose of this communication is less about Aria and more about the two of you.

Diagnosis and Chill

Even if it turns out that your daughter’s hearing loss is complete and irreversible, it does her absolutely no good to have her mothers respond to the news as if it is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. Outside of this one issue, Aria is at the peak of health. She is meeting her height, weight, and motor milestones.

Panic Room

If it turns out that Aria cannot hear, she can be taught sign language. She can be taught to read lips and even speak if that is what she desires. Conversely, there are members of the deaf community who believe speech and lip reading are not necessary. In that case, she can still participate in a vital, warm culture, which includes everything from literature to drama to poetry. Yes, Ms. Porter, we realize that you are a musician. But just because your daughter may not ever be able to hear you sing, that does not constitute a tragedy. Ask opera diva Beverly Sills and her daughter, Muffy.

Aria will also be able to communicate via various technological devices. Aria will be fine. As your physician, I strongly urge you to stop suggesting otherwise to her via your hysterical overreaction.

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