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Brother Against Brother: Are You Team Adam or Nick On The Young and the Restless?

Nick and Adam The Young and the RestlessNick and Adam The Young and the Restless

Adam had barely set foot back on The Young and the Restless before he and Nick were at each other’s throats. Things had been going OK for the two of them prior to Adam’s  “death.”

Adam even faked the paternity test that would have proved he, not Nick (Joshua Morrow), was Christian’s biological father. He wanted Nick to raise the boy as Adam headed off to prison.

But now Victor (Eric Braeden) has made the prison term go poof, and Adam is ready to reclaim his son. Except Nick ain’t playing. Mine, mine, mine, Nick says about Christian.

So Adam got Phyllis (then-Gina Tognoni) to help him hack into Nick’s computer, found out Nick was carrying twenty-seven million dollars worth of debt, bought the note, and offered his brother a choice: Your company or my boy.

Nick didn’t blink. He picked Christian, handed the company over to Adam, and stomped out in a very Newman way. Which brother’s side are you on? What over 14,000 fans picked:

Nick Of Time
It wasn’t even close as 90% picked the guy who doesn’t steal babies — or use them as blackmail fodder. In other words, you’re Team Nick. He’s Christian’s father. Staying with Nick would be best for Christian — not that Adam cares about that.

Plus, Adam was obviously up to something shady in Vegas, he was sleazy with Sharon (Sharon Case), and he’s a danger to Christian. He should be grateful Adam will even let him play uncle.

Getting What’s Mine
Adam is Christian’s father, 10% of the audience reminds, and he’s trying to rebuild his life and his son should be a part of that. Adam knows what it’s like to grow up without a father. Plus, Nick is way too smug and self-righteous. He needs to be put in his place and Adam is the only one up for the job.

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