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Behind the Lights – Part 1


Behind the Lights is Soap Hub’s exclusive fanfiction, set in the bustling metropolis of Genoa City… and you, the reader, have the chance to influence the story! If you have an idea for how things should progress, leave your suggestion in the comments. Then, come back for the next installment to see how the saga takes shape!

The bus lurched to a halt, and Simone felt her fingers tighten on her bag’s handle entirely of their own accord.

This is it, she thought to herself. The first day of the rest of my life.

Other passengers started to shuffle their way up the aisle, unintentionally jostling Simone as she got ready to make her own departure. She had heard that life in cities was faster-paced than in other places, but seeing the rush firsthand was an entirely new experience for her. This wasn’t just any city, either: This was the jewel of Wisconsin, the metropolis said to rival even Los Angeles in terms of energy and splendor; this was Genoa City, the place where Simone would find her fortune.

The air was surprisingly pleasant as Simone stepped onto the curb, its welcoming warmth in sharp contrast to the harsh winter temperatures that she had felt at the airport. Perhaps, Simone considered, it was just her own adrenaline that was keeping her from shivering, or maybe the city itself was making her feel at home. She could certainly use the reassurance, having just moved across the country with nothing but a single suitcase as a companion. True, the rest of her belongings would be following before long – having been shipped from her previous residence in the foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico – but for the next several days, at least, she would have to survive on what she had managed to pack.

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As she considered this, Simone’s mind went to the smart pantsuit that she had purchased before leaving on this life-changing journey. The woman who had hired her – Ashley, Simone recalled – had struck her as possessing a sort of effortless poise… and Simone wanted to impress her.

Her previous job hadn’t asked for much in the way of personal presentation (least of all where expensive clothes were concerned), and she had never been given a good-enough reason to spend the extra cash on business attire. Now, with a generous salary coming her way and a boss who was a paragon of women’s empowerment, there was no excuse not to be at her best.

“Hey, lady!” a voice suddenly called, jarring Simone from her thoughts. “Spare some change?” Simone glanced around, her eyes finally locking with those of a young man holding a skateboard. The youth gestured at the sign for the bus stop. “I forgot my wallet at home, and I need to get uptown.”

Simone furrowed her brow. “Let me see what I have,” she replied. Her purse was buried somewhere in her suitcase, but one of the bag’s pockets might contain a coin or two. She unzipped one, then another, finally coming up with a couple of quarters.

“Thanks!” the young man said. “You on……..continue reading on the next page —>

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