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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: Lawrence Saint-Victor Body Beautiful

Lawrence Saint-Victor stays in shape for Carter’s shirtless scenes.

a collage of lawrence saint victor working outLawrence Saint-Victor keeps his body in shirtless shape for B&B.

Lawrence Saint-Victor is celebrating 10 years as Carter Walton on Bold and the Beautiful. The actor knows his great physique comes with the gig. He recently shared his thoughts on staying fit with Soap Hub.

Lawrence Saint-Victor — Fighting Shape

While he’s played Carter for nearly a decade, Lawrence Saint-Victor began his daytime career on CBS soap opera Guiding Light as Remy Boudreau starting in 2006. “I knew my first day at Guiding Light that we were doing a romance novel,” Saint-Victor says of the importance of staying in great shape. “I know it’s part of the genre. Would I prefer not to work out on the weekends and eat pizza? Absolutely! But when I see that Carter will be shirtless in a script, I know that it’s part of the job.”

Saint-Victor points out that daytime drama isn’t the only genre in which actors need to be fit. “If you’re in a superhero movie, you have to show up on set in shape,” he points out. The actor, who also serves as one of B&B’s scriptwriters, says he won’t go out of his way to write Carter was shirtless; however, he accepts showing off his muscles as part of the job.

Battle Plan

Saint-Victor says that he has a simple approach to maintaining his physique. “Calories in, calories out,” he reasons. “I want to burn more than I take in. You can control that by what you eat and how much you work out. I do weights. I’m pretty [strict] with my eating. I wasn’t during the old days, but I am pretty good now. When I was younger, I didn’t have to do much cardio. But I do know. The body changes.”

Lawrence Saint-Victor Offers Advice

Carter often gives out legal advice on B&B. In real-life, Saint-Victor has a few words to offer about staying fit. “Here’s the trick for anyone reading this,” he says. “I would say you can’t really lose a significant amount of body fat in a week — certainly not in a healthy way. All you can do is drop water weight.”

The actor says that toning up is easier when you’ve already done the hard work. “You have to be in shape already,” he says. “And then, when you get the notice that you’re doing a shirtless scene in a week or so, you dial it up a little bit more. It’s like [actors] always have to be ‘ready.’ We don’t have an off-season. A script [calling for an actor to be shirtless] can show up anytime. I have no chance but to always kind of stay on the line.”

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