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The Bold and the Beautiful Ridge and Taylor’s Romance Through the Years

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful Ridge Taylor

Brooke Logan Forrester’s screwed up big time by lying to Ridge Forrester about her New Year’s Eve kiss and sexless sleepover with Deacon Sharpe on The Bold and the Beautiful. As a result, the stage is set for a reunion between Ridge and ex-wife Taylor Hayes. The couple has a long, passionate history that dates way back to 1990!

Ridge and Taylor on The Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor (Krista Allen assumed the role late last year) made the scene in her role as a doctor who was treating Ridge’s then-wife Caroline Spencer Forrester (Joanna Johnson), stricken with leukemia. The blonde beauty asked the dark-haired doctor to look in on her husband (Thorsten Kaye became Ridge in 2013) after she was gone. When Brooke met Ridge in the private dining room at the club (a regular upscale haunt in The Bold and the Beautiful’s early years), she gently let Ridge know that Caroline was dying. Then, Taylor appeared in order to back up Brooke’s claims, revealing herself as Caroline’s doctor. This was Ridge and Taylor’s first meeting; appropriately, Brooke, who’d become a thorn in the couple’s side, was there, too.

Otherwise Engaged

Ridge began seeing Taylor casually after Caroline’s death. She acted as a professional sounding board as Ridge tried to help his mother Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) move on from Eric Forrester (John McCook), who had taken up with Brooke. Taylor also reconnected with Storm Logan (Brian Patrick Clarke), Brooke’s brother, an old pal from high school. Ridge didn’t think Taylor would be happy with Storm but did he want her for himself? Brooke was wed to Eric at the time and unavailable to Ridge – well, in theory. Brooke and Ridge celebrated her discovery of the BeLieF formula by having sex on the lab floor. This hit the pause button on Ridge and Taylor’s developing relationship – but not for long.

The Bold and the Beautiful Malibu “Tridge” Wedding

Ridge and Taylor faced obstacles like her abusive ex-Blake Hayes (Peter Brown) returning to town and trying to break them up. He located Caroline’s twin Karen (also played by Johnson) and brought her back to Los Angeles to drive a wedge between Ridge and Taylor. That didn’t work. And despite Ridge’s feelings for Brooke, he decided he didn’t want to break up his father’s marriage. He traveled to St. Thomas where he proposed marriage to Taylor. She said yes!

Ridge and Taylor wed at a church in Malibu before Brooke could stop the ceremony and reveal that she was pregnant with Ridge’s baby. (Actually, the little girl – Bridget – was Eric’s.) Ridge and Taylor lived in wedded bliss for a while but Brooke was always waiting in the wings. Tensions mounted after Brooke technically became Ridge’s boss after she acquired 51% of Forrester Creations stock in exchange for the company’s control of the BeLieF formula.

The Big One

Dr. James Warwick (Ian Buchanan), Taylor’s mentor, and Taylor were trapped in the wreckage of the Forrester’s Big Bear cabin after a massive earthquake struck. James didn’t want to die a virgin so Taylor and he made love. She kept the secret from Ridge. Next, Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash while traveling internationally. The only evidence of her demise was the charred remains of a Forrester outfit Ridge made for his wife. Brooke, who had become involved romantically with James, broke things off and accepted Ridge’s marriage proposal. They wed on the beach.

The Bold and the Beautiful Reports Of Her Passing

However, it turned out Taylor was alive. She’d been mugged in the airport and her assailant swiped the article of clothing that had the Forrester label on it. Taylor became the “guest” of Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) of Morocco. Later, she escaped to Los Angeles only to find out that Ridge had been blinded in an accident. Taylor eventually revealed herself to Ridge whose vision was restored. Still blurry was the issue of who Ridge was legally married to — his “late” wife Taylor or his bride Brooke?

Ridge prepared to marry Brooke, this time for real until the contents of a mysterious letter were revealed. The note claimed that Brooke had paid Dr. Tracy Peters (Marnie Mosiman) to falsify lab reports that revealed Ridge was the father of Brooke’s daughter Bridget. Ridge got past not being Bridget’s father and the wedding was on again — until designer Grant Chambers (Charles Grant) made the scene. Ridge spied Brooke and his good buddy share a kiss the night before a fashion show in which Ridge was going to propose marriage to her not knowing it was a farewell smooch.

The Second Wives Club

Ridge made some last-minute alterations not only to the showstopper gown Brooke was set to wear at the end of the show but also to his personal life. He arranged for Taylor to model the bridal gown in the finale. Everyone who was in on Ridge’s plan to ask Brooke to marry him was stunned. Stephanie was as shocked as she was overjoyed. But Ridge and Taylor weren’t home free yet. Ridge and Brooke ended up getting back together and marrying. They split after Ridge discovered he was the father of Taylor’s son Thomas. Next, the charismatic Dr. Pierce Peterson (Paul Satterfield) fell for Taylor but she was loyal to Ridge. Later, Ridge and Taylor bought Pierce’s home and moved into it.

Ridge and Taylor’s Children

Taylor became pregnant again – this time with twin daughters, Steffy (named after Ridge’s mother) and Phoebe. Taylor contracted tuberculosis but refused treatment until her daughters were born so they wouldn’t be adversely affected by the treatment.

Next, Sheila Carter, after a long reign of villainy, had come to the end of the line. She showed up at the Forrester mansion with a gun. During a struggle with Sheila, Eric, Brooke, and Taylor, the latter two were shot. Brooke received a wound but Taylor’s injuries were fatal – or so it seemed. After Taylor’s funeral, Brooke re-ingratiated herself into Ridge’s life. They eventually got married.

The Bold and the Beautiful A Second Shocking Return

In 2005, a miracle occurred! Taylor returned to the land of the living a second time. It turns out the lifeless ‘corpse’ in the open casket was a plastic life-like dummy that Prince Omar arranged to be placed in the coffin. He’d once again kept Taylor a prisoner in his palace. Brooke helped raise Taylor’s children with no one the wiser until Taylor escaped again from Prince Omar’s palace.

Stephanie, anxious to have Ridge and Taylor reunite, faked a heart attack. Ridge chose Taylor over Brooke, in part, so his mother would live. Soon, the truth came out. Taylor was furious that Steph didn’t believe Ridge would choose her on his own. Next, Ridge discovered that Taylor and James had made love all those years ago following the earthquake. They split and he returned again to Brooke.

Taylor had romances with Brooke’s son Rick (Kyle Lowder) and marriages to Whip Jones (Rick Hearst) and Nick Marone (Jack Wagner), Ridge’s half-brother, and eventually, left town. She returned a few years ago to shoot Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) after he slept with a vulnerable Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Taylor didn’t stick around. Before this last return, she was traveling the world using her psychiatry to help people. Now, she’s back in town and if her kids have anything to say about it, Taylor will eventually get back together with Ridge.

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