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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Stephanie Laid The Smack Down

Bold and Beautiful Recap June 04 2020Bold and Beautiful Recap June 04 2020

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, June 5, 2020, features a classic showdown from August 3, 1999. Stephanie was out to kill and Brooke was her target.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Stephanie (Susan Flannery) was a bundle of fury and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) needed to watch out. She had enough of Brooke playing with the men in her life. She’s had Eric, she’s fallen for Ridge, and now she’s having an affair with Thorne, too? No. No way. Stephanie was there to put an end to Brooke once and for all.

Did, Brooke, Die!

Stephanie broke into the cabin and attacked Brooke. First, it was with her words but that wasn’t enough. She bashed Brooke with a fireplace poker but Brooke got back up. Big mistake, she should have stayed down. Stephanie pinned her against the wall and tried to choke her to death.

Brooke fought back as best she could. She hit her with a vase but it did no good. Stephanie was vicious and was not giving up. She wanted Brooke to die and was intent on making it happen.

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Secrets and Soulmates

As for Thorne (then-Winsor Harmon), he was trying to reach his mom but that became the least of his worries when he realized Megan (Maeve Quinlan) knew his secret. Oh yes, Brooke’s bestie was well aware of the love triangle and pushed Thorne to head up to the cabin. Sure, Brooke was with his dad and brother, but it looks like he is the real love of her life. Go to her, Thorne. Be with the woman of your dreams.

They Call It Puppy Love

Meanwhile, Kimberly (Ashley Cafagna) was also none too pleased with Brooke and headed on over to the mansion to confront her. However, Brooke was gone and she ran into Rick (Jacob Young) instead. Well, that was good enough for Kimberly. Instead of having it out with Brooke, she flirted with her son.

Rick was more than open to Kimberly’s attention. She was young, gorgeous, and spunky – everything he liked. He even made a bit of a play for her and earned a kiss on the cheek. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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