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The Bold and the Beautiful News Update: Katrina Bowden’s Magical Encounter

Katrina Bowden The Bold and the BeautifulKatrina Bowden The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful star Katrina Bowden’s character Flo didn’t confess she knew baby Beth was alive until after the news was already out. Now, Bowden’s making up for lost times by sharing Katrina’s Confessions on Instagram!

Katrina Bowden: Celebrity Experience

Recently, the actress got out her camera phone and recorded video for Katrina’s Confessions Episode 7 Magic Encounters. (You also must see the actress talking to her future self.)

Her story takes place in New York when she was a teenager shortly before landing her role as TK on 30 Rock. She had just left a casting session in the Big Apple when she noticed a man was following her as she walked along the streets of New York.

“I noticed a guy on a motorbike driving a little slowly,” she recalled. “He stopped, gets off [the bike] and …parks it.”

The savvy performer tried to take note of her new admirer without drawing attention to herself. After it appeared he was indeed following her, Bowden ducked into a café to get an iced tea and use the restroom, hoping to dodge the mystery man. Next, he tapped her shoulder in an effort to start a conversation. The gentleman asked Bowden if she was a model.

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“Yes,” Bowden responded and then turned away from him. “End of conversation. Read the signs, dude.”

The man explained to Bowden that he was a well-known magician and he was looking for models to help him with his act which would be on TV. “I was 17,” Bowden recalls with a shrug. “I wasn’t into ‘who’s cool in the magic world'”

At this point, Bowden was hoping the magician would disappear but he gave her his card in case she was interested. The card read “David Blaine,” the well-known magician who entered a water tank in New York’s Lincoln Centre.

A while later, when Bowden was shooting Season 1 of 30 Rock, someone had brought up Blaine’s name. Bowden recounted her encounter, displaying the next day the business card from him that she had kept. The sitcom’s writers took the cast member’s story and wrote the magician’s name into a subsequent episode by having Jane Krakowski’s (ex-T.R., Search for Tomorrow) character Jenna date a man named — David Blaine (played on 30 Rock by Vinny Anand)!

So, while Bowden didn’t end up appearing with Blaine on his magic show, she helped get his name onto an episode of 30 Rock! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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