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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Thomas Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful ThomasThe Bold and the Beautiful Thomas

Thomas Forrester – he was a troubled soul who possessed all the material things that wealth could provide but the one thing he desperately needed and never achieved, was familial stability on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Who Is Thomas Forrester?

Named after the Caribbean Island on which his father, Ridge Forrester, proposed to his mother, Taylor Hayes, Thomas Hamilton entered the world in the backseat of Thorne Forrester’s automobile.

For a time, Thomas was believed to have been sired by Thorne, owing to Taylor’s inability to ruin Ridge’s upcoming marriage to the supposedly pregnant Brooke Logan. When the truth was eventually outed – including the fact that Brooke had been aware her love rival was with child – Ridge had his nascent union annulled and reunited with Taylor.

Though introduced to a life of excess and privilege, Thomas’s childhood was still far from idyllic. First, his life was threatened by Shelia Carter who was desperate to keep Stephanie away from her then-husband Dr. James Warwick.

Then Thomas’s younger sisters were kidnapped by Morgan Dewitt and Steffy was presumed dead following her tumble into shark-infested waters. She was eventually rescued but the joy was tempered when Taylor appeared to die from a gunshot wound soon after.

Girls, Girls, Girls
While still in high school, Thomas courted Caitlin Ramirez but lost her to his uncle Rick. In response, Thomas took up with Rick’s former wife, Amber Moore. That relationship proved disastrous – especially when Ridge took it upon himself to intervene on his son’s behalf.

Thomas subsequently married Gabriela Moreno in order to provide her with a green card and once that goal was achieved, the marriage was annulled. His next attempted conquest was his stepmother, Brooke, whom he grew obsessed with during their collaboration on the Taboo clothing line. He lied about sleeping with her in order to obtain Stephanie’s 25% stake in Forrester Creations.

Thomas’s amour was transferred to Brooke’s daughter, Hope and he worked tirelessly with Steffy to keep Hope and her true love, Liam Spencer, apart. When his eventual proposal was turned down, Thomas ended his association with her and instead turned his attention to Caroline Spencer.

Once again, he had to battle Rick for a woman’s affection but in a surprise twist, neither man claimed her. Instead, Caroline married Ridge – her aunt and the woman for whom she is named after’s former husband.

However, that did not stop her and Thomas from having an affair, which resulted in the birth of baby Douglas. Try as they might, Caroline and Thomas just couldn’t make a relationship work.

He fell in love and went into businesses with Sally Spectra, and it took Caroline conspiring with Bill Spencer and faking a terminal illness to split the two up. Even after the scheme was uncovered, Thomas chose a life with his ex and their son.

Upon Caroline’s untimely death, Thomas returned to Los Angeles broken and convinced himself that his life would once again be complete if only he could win the affections of Hope Logan – an objective that would prove to be his ultimate undoing.

One-Man Crime Wave 

Thomas’s greatest crime is without a doubt his complicity in keeping the truth concerning the identity of baby Phoebe actually being Hope’s presumed dead child Beth – but it’s far from his only illegal action.

Upon learning that Rick – whom he blamed for his sister’s death – was dating Steffy, Thomas set fire to his house and rigged his car to explode! Later, a confrontation between the two men resulted in Rick being shoved through a Forester Creations’ window.

Thomas is also responsible for the vehicular manslaughter of teenager Emma Barber, whom he caused to run off the road when she insisted on telling Hope the truth about her daughter.

Thomas Forrester – Moving Forward
On the cusp of marrying Zoe Buckingham – a poor unfortunate pawn in his plan to woo Hope – Thomas was finally exposed for a myriad of misdeeds, chief among them working with Steffy to engineer a kiss between her and Liam and manipulating Douglas into begging Hope to wed his daddy.

Less ashamed of his actions and more furious at his family members for not taking his side, Thomas tore from the Forrester mansion and headed for parts unknown. But how long will he stay out of sight?

Surely he’ll make an appearance once he learns that Hope and Liam are once again planning to make their love official – with an accepting Douglas by their side – and he hears the outcome of Brooke and Ridge’s disastrous reunion party… The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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