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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Zoe Buckingham

The Bold and the Beautiful ZoeThe Bold and the Beautiful Zoe

Zoe Buckingham – from perpetrator to victim, from villain to anti-heroine. Zoe Buckingham’s time in Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful has been less than pleasant – if only she had been able to curb her obsessive tendencies.

Who Is Zoe Buckingham?

She is the daughter of Dr. Reese Buckingham, mother unknown. Zoe was raised and educated in England where her talents as an artist earned her some acclaim. Her romantic involvement with Alexander “Xander” Avant ended when the young man decamped for the U.S. after labeling Zoe, “obsessive.”

California Dreaming
Having missed the hint, Zoe packed a suitcase, scooped up Harry – the cat she and Xander had once shared – and immigrated as well. She found employment as a muralist for Wyatt Spencer and spent her downtime cyberbullying Hope Logan with the aide of Sally Spectra’s computer and stalking Xander.

She took considerable interest in his latest conquest, Emma Barber, and began to follow her as well. When caught by her ex, Zoe promised to not only leave him alone but to leave Los Angeles altogether.

Instead, she stayed in town and wound up securing a position as a Forrester Creations model following her substitution for an injured runway walker. Buoyed by her success, Zoe continued to pursue Xander… and torment the fragile Emma.

Months of machinations finally paid dividends when she and Xander were paired opposite each other in a number of steamy photo sessions for Steffy’s Intimates line.

The familiarity and proximity led to a few kisses and, eventually, Emma cottoned on and dumped Xander – who turned right around and welcomed Zoe back into his life and bed, on the proviso that they, “take things slow.”

Zoe Buckingham – Magnet For Trouble

Zoe’s elation at winning back her man was quickly tempered by the appearance of her father, who arrived in L.A. on a doctors’ exchange program. Her distrust of the degenerate gambler was only heightened when she saw the attention he was paying Taylor Hayes – the perfect mark, she would later explain to Xander.

When Reese subsequently fled back to England, Zoe took it upon herself to investigate and she quickly discovered his complicity in switching Hope Logan’s living baby with one that was stillborn and the baby’s eventual adoption by Steffy Forrester.

She was kowtowed into silence by Flo Fulton – another party involved in the scheme – who revealed that Reese had committed the vile deed to ensure his ability to pay off loan sharks threatening to murder Zoe.

Later, when Flo began to feel pangs of guilt, it was Zoe who insisted on keeping mum. Afterward, the decision was taken away from them all together when Thomas stumbled onto truth and proved himself willing to commit murder to ensure silence.

When little Douglas made the switcheroo public knowledge, all involved parties (except Thomas) were expelled from the fashion house. In time, Zoe earned her old job back – but it came with a condition: study Thomas and report back to Steffy and Liam his innermost thoughts and desires.

Once again, Zoe found herself falling victim to the manipulative scion who has since convinced her that he possesses genuine feelings of romance and desire to marry. She accepted the proposal but will the two actually make it down the aisle before his wicked scheme is exposed? The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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