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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Steffy Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful SteffyThe Bold and the Beautiful Steffy

Steffy Forrester – she’s a legacy character from The Bold and the Beautiful who’s as tough as her late, much-lamented grandmother, Stephanie Forrester, for whom she is named.

Who Is Steffy Forrester?

Steffy is the biological daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes, the younger sister of Thomas Hamilton, and the late Phoebe Forrester’s fraternal twin.

While still a preschooler, Steffy found her life in grave danger following a tumble overboard a ship and into shark-infested waters. Though she was rescued by Morgan DeWitt, Steffy’s family was allowed to believe that she had perished while an increasingly unstable Morgan dyed her hair and insisted on calling her by another name.

Taylor eventually rescued her daughter but soon after Taylor was presumed dead after being shot by Sheila Carter. Steffy mourned her mother alongside her siblings, and not one member of the trio was pleased when Ridge married former wife Brooke Logan.

They were momentarily heartened when Taylor was found to be alive and well and it seemed that their parents would once again unite. But when the latter proved untenable, Steffy requested that she be sent to an out-of-the-country boarding school.

Boys, Boys, Boys

Upon her return home, Steffy became smitten with Marcus Walton, whom she learned was Donna Logan’s illegitimate child. Afterward, she was courted by Rick Forrester but the relationship was doomed from the start considering Ridge blamed him for causing Phoebe’s death and Rick had initially asked her out only to spite Ridge.

A plan to seduce Bill into handing back controlling interest left a lasting impression on Steffy, though she eventually transferred her amour for the elder Spencer onto his oldest son, Liam.

When she lost him to Hope, she again targeted Bill but he refused to abandon Katie when she suffered a heart attack. A near-death experience and a rescue by Liam reignited the old spark, so Steffy schemed with Bill to engineer an Aspen-set wedding for her and his son.

After the wedding, Liam changed his mind and decided to return to Hope though Steffy insisted on waiting a full six months to sign the divorce papers. A further break-up with Hope sent Liam back to Steffy and she soon became pregnant.

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Sadly she miscarried the baby after a motorcycle accident and chose to leave town for an opportunity to run Forrester International. When she finally returned, Steffy became resolute in her desire to reclaim Liam and she eventually succeeded – though she nearly lost her life after being targeted by her mentally ill cousin, Aly.

While Liam was held captive by Quinn Fuller, Steffy found herself drawn to the madwoman’s son. They married but the union wasn’t built to last. As soon as Liam made his escape, and regained his memories, he and Steffy exchanged vows in Australia.

But like every previous marriage, this one failed to last. First, he kissed Sally when both were trapped inside the collapsed Spectra Fashions building and then a devastated Steffy finally gave in to years of pent up desire and slept with Bill.

When she emerged from the encounter pregnant, Steffy feared Bill was the father. Despite a paternity test concluding that Liam was the father, the marriage ended, and Liam wed Hope.

Steffy Forrester – Moving Forward
Though she decided that she could live without a man, Steffy was desperate to provide her little girl with a sister. In short order, she adopted a little girl whom she named Phoebe in honor of her late twin.

However, the babe in question actually belonged to Hope (who had been told that her baby had been stillborn) and that Steffy’s brother, Thomas, had been complicit in keeping the truth from being revealed.

A devastated Steffy handed her child over to her rightful mother and even found herself swept up in Thomas’s scheme to claim Hope as his own. However, her conscience won out and Steffy helped Hope in busting Thomas at his farce of a wedding to Zoe Buckingham.

But what future awaits Steffy Forrester? Considering her similarities to the woman for whom she’s named after, anything is possible. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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