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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Clarke

The Bold and the Beautiful ClarkeThe Bold and the Beautiful Clarke

Throughout soap opera history there are men who aren’t always wanted for what they can do in the boardroom, but more for their abilities in the bedroom! Talented designer Clarke Garrison (played by Dan McVicar) of The Bold and the Beautiful was often just that man.

Broaching A Subject
Stephanie Forrester was thrilled when she learned that her daughter Kristen was dating Clarke Garrison, a designer for “affordable” company Spectra Fashions. It turned out that Steph had hired Clarke to find out whether or not Kristen was frigid.

Clarke showed interest in Stephanie, buying her a fancy broach to wear. The Forrester matriarch didn’t return Clarke’s interest, so he wed Kristen to secure a position on Forrester Creations’ design team.

Paternity Dilemma
Designer Margo Lynley gave birth to Mark, Clarke’s illegitimate son. He’d need to cough up $100,000 so she could raise the boy. Kristen was stunned when Clarke asked her for the funds. He pretended it was the down payment to build a house for her. Next, Clarke went to his old boss Sally to ask for a loan.

She agreed – in exchange for six Forrester originals! Clarke created designs for Sally, lying to her that they were for Forester, but his dresses turned out to a big success! Sally hired Clarke to moonlight for Spectra using the name Beau Rivage. Alas, Clarke’s double-duty caught up with him after he inadvertently designed similar showstoppers for both companies.

Surprise Proposal
Sally offered Clarke his own design line that Spectra would manufacture if he married her. Sally decided to back out of the deal at the last minute since her union with Clarke wouldn’t be a real marriage. Clarke took Sally to bed to show her that wouldn’t be the case! Sally.

Later, Sally refused to abort Clarke’s baby, and they separated. They shared an uneasy reunion after their son, C.J., was born. Sally put up with a lot from Clarke, but his shabby treatment of C.J. was the last straw. She had him tossed out of her life and into a dumpster!

Everything Bold Is New Again
Years later, Macy, Sally’s daughter, urged Clarke to return as Spectra’s designer when the company was near bankruptcy. Sally’s eyes bulged out of her head when she first heard Clarke’s voice, but she agreed to give him a chance. Clarke got involved with some thugs who kidnapped his son. Clarke took a bullet for his boy, which redeemed him to many.

Bouncing Around
Clarke was always looking out for his own best interests. When he could, he maneuvered his way back into a gig at Forrester. Later, he’d return to Spectra. Clarke played the field but got in over his head with Ridge’s ex-flame Morgan DeWitt. Morgan unleashed a python on Clarke to keep him quiet when he threatened to expose one of her schemes. Clarke tried to side with each of his sons – Mark and C.J. – when both boys fell for Bridget Forrester.

Always In Fashion
Clarke remained a designer at Spectra after Ridge bought it for Brooke and it was renamed Logan Designs. Soon, the company was sold back to Sally. Clarke schemed with conniving designer Amber Moore, who wanted to get even with Ridge.

Clarke assisted Amber in trapping Rick and Bridget in a mineshaft, hoping that they’d share an intimate moment. Clarke designed for another incarnation of Spectra when it was renamed Jackie M. There, he was ironically reunited with Stephanie, who, in a rare move, left Forrester.

Curiously, Clarke was summoned to attend the reading of Bill Spencer Sr.’s will. All that he left him, though, was a “gold” medal – made of chocolate! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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