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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Sally Spectra

The Bold and the Beautiful Sally SpectraThe Bold and the Beautiful Sally Spectra

From the moment she was christened in honor of her great aunt, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sally was bestowed with — or was it hindered by? — the responsibility of upholding the Spectra legacy, something she has done with style and aplomb since her 2017 introduction.

Who Is Sally Spectra?

After surviving a nomadic childhood under the auspice of her con-running parents, Sally and her younger sister Coco were eventually rescued by police and rehoused with grandma Shirley.

Sally grew up hearing tales of the larger-than-life woman for whom she is the namesake. So when the original recipe phoned her and requested her assistance in restoring the long-shuttered Spectra Fashions label, the namesake quickly agreed.

Corporate Intrigue
After appealing to her cousin, CJ Garrison’s better nature, Sally was able to wrestle ownership of the Spectra building away from corporate bigwig Bill Spencer who had sought to level the property in order to build his much-ballyhooed skyscraper.

After much prodding from “Grams,” Sally agreed to send Coco into Forrester as a sort of Trojan Horse. Around the young woman’s neck hung a specially designed necklace — a gift from Sally — that housed a camera capable of capturing any and all designs that Coco came into contact with.

When the scheme was uncovered, Sally pled guilty to grand larceny and corporate espionage and planned to throw herself on the mercy of the court. However, salvation was right around the corner.

Trouble, Spelled M-A-N
At her sentencing hearing, Sally was stunned when Forrester scion Thomas Hamilton stepped up to her defense. The flame-haired designer had long harbored a crush on her guardian angel — ever since they ran into each other at IL Giardino on Sally’s first day in L.A.

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Not only did Thomas succeed in getting Sally released, but he also invested $100,000 into Spectra Fashions. Together, they designed a swimwear line and debuted it alongside Forrester’s own during a fashion showdown in Monte Carlo.

But just when it seemed the two were destined for a happy future together, Bill and Steffy — Thomas’s sister and Sally’s rival — arranged for the return of Caroline Spencer, Thomas’s ex and the mother of his son, Douglas.

Sally lost her man when Bill spun a lie about Caroline having only a few months to live and in the aftermath of the breakup, Sally turned to Liam Spencer, Steffy’s ex. Though they remained good friends, they did share a series of kisses when they found themselves trapped amongst the rubble of a demolished Spectra Fashions.

When Liam returned to Steffy, Sally briefly reunited with Thomas – but he again chose Caroline. Depressed at the state of her life, Sally — having battled depression — developed a fondness for overindulging in booze and fought to clear her name when accused of shooting Bill — and she found comfort with Wyatt, Liam’s brother, and Bill’s son.

The Wyatt Rollercoaster

That brief dalliance seemingly ended for good when Wyatt hypocritically threw her over in favor of reuniting with his high school sweetheart, Florence “Flo” Fulton. However, once Flo’s involvement in the “Baby Beth Saga” was revealed, Wyatt begged his ex for forgiveness and a second chance.

It was Sally herself who sabotaged this second twirl around the romantic merry-go-round when she accidentally referred to Wyatt as Liam and prioritized her new position as a designer at Forrester Creations above him.

But with her health rapidly failing, and her fashion choices in question, it remains to be seen what the future holds for poor put-upon Sally. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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