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The Bold And The Beautiful Poll Results: Is Thomas Redeemable?

Thomas and Hope The Bold and the BeautifulThomas and Hope The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas Forrester has emerged as one of the most polarizing characters on The Bold and the Beautiful. He is dogged in his determination to win Hope’s heart. Should he make a comeback from that vat he recently fell into, could he be redeemed?

Soap Hub posed this question to BB fans — about Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) future. Read on for the results.

The Bad And The Beautiful

Nearly 62% of you feel that no, Thomas can’t be redeemed. Is this because you feel he’s gone beyond the point of no return or because you just love seeing him be a bad boy? Thomas may have crossed the line given his role in Emma’s (Nia Sioux) death. He’s evaded prosecution for that, but will he really get away with it?

One way to sidestep that issue would be to show by some miracle Emma’s truly alive. Even if that were to happen, Thomas still has his role in keeping Beth being alive a secret — not to mention his abusive words and stance towards little Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri).

Redemption 101

Nearly 37% of The Bold and the Beautiful fans feel that yes, Thomas can be redeemed. Look at how the Logans have changed their minds about Flo (Katrina Bowden) after finding out that she gave up a kidney to Katie. All Thomas would have to do is donate an organ he’s not using to a blood relative and he’ll once more have a seat at the Thanksgiving table!

Past Imperfect

Thomas will likely someday be redeemed because that’s the show’s tradition. The Forresters forgave Stephanie (Susan Flannery) for lying about her heart attack. Rick (Jacob Young) was forgiven for his inadvertent role in Phoebe’s (MacKenzie Mauzy) accidental death in a car wreck. Eric managed to give Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) another chance despite her many sins. You get the point?

Thomas, there’s hope for the future (pun intended)! When will this happen? First, we need to know for sure that Thomas is among the land of the living. Stay tuned! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

Video Credit: Silvia Petrachi

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