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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Ivy Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful IvyThe Bold and the Beautiful Ivy

Ivy Forrester – a distant cousin with a heart of gold, perpetually used and abused by life and especially the men she found herself in contact with.

Who Is Ivy Forrester?

Ivy is the daughter of Eric Forrester’s younger brother, John, and John’s second wife Claire. She has a paternal half-sister named Jessica. In her native Australia, Ivy ran a successful jewelry company, but she heeded the call of her uncle, whose fashion house was in desperate need of a bauble designer after the firing of its incumbent.

And Ivy, always eager to please, agreed to relocate to Los Angeles and take up the post. She gained a co-worker and a friend when Wyatt Spencer was hired to assist her. In time she became close to her cousin Hope and her on again-off again lover, Liam.

Ivy encouraged Liam to pursue a Paris-bound Hope and accept her proposal and even agreed to accompany him on the sojourn. However, plans for a reunion were scuttled when Ivy was tipped off a bridge and into the River Seine and Liam dove in to rescue her.

After returning to Los Angeles, and upon discovering that it was Quinn who sent her into the drink, Ivy broke into the villainess’s workshop and threatened her with some welding equipment!

For a time, Ivy turned her romantic intentions towards Liam, arguing that they could make a life for themselves, especially now that Hope and Wyatt were married. But even though they declared their love for one another – and schemed to ensure that Liam could wrestle control of Forrester Creations away from a power-hungry Rick – they both new where Liam’s heart truly lied.

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However, before he and Hope could inevitably reunite, Liam agreed to marry Ivy in order to keep her from being deported back to Australia – and Ivy went ahead with the ceremony even after learning that she actually possessed dual citizenship!

Following her divorce, Ivy became embroiled in a feud with Steffy whom she already had little love for – owing to Steffy’s continued pursuit of Liam. First, Ivy allowed her hatred to cloud her better judgment and the result was Steffy coming under suspicion for maliciously killing Aly Forrester when she had actually done so in self-defense.

Then the women tangled over Wyatt. But Ivy also had eyes for Thomas, and when Steffy found out, she leveraged the information to sink her pursuit.

After trying and failing to reunite with Liam, Ivy decamped for Australia. She would make subsequent returns, usually for family gatherings, weddings and fashion shows – some of which she participated in as a model. During one such visit, she made her final, last-ditch effort to turn Liam’s head.

Though she hasn’t been seen since Brooke and Ridge’s last, “I do’s,” another appearance for Ivy could most certainly be in the cards – especially with so many of her family members facing their biggest crises yet. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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