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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Dollar Bill Spencer

The Bold and the Beautiful BillThe Bold and the Beautiful Bill

Dollar Bill Spencer – also known as Bill Spencer Jr. – this The Bold and Beautiful player is a shark in the boardroom, a stallion in the bedroom, and a stampeding elephant in life. There isn’t anyone – child, wife, or relative – who he hasn’t crossed, stepped on, or wronged.

Who Is Dollar Bill Spencer?

Bill is the illegitimate son of publishing and media tycoon William Spencer Sr. and the half brother of twins Caroline (deceased) and Karen. For years, the two remained estranged but as Bill Sr. lay dying, he promised his eldest child half of Spencer Publications, the family company, in exchange for his promise to cripple Eric Forrester’s fashion house.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Bill made the acquaintance of Karen, his co-CEO and quickly set about honoring his father’s last request. First, he hired Stephanie Forrester – the object of Bill Spencer’s amour – to author and broadcast scathing critiques about the Logan family as well as Eric, her former husband.

Then, he set about seducing Eric’s current wife, Donna Logan – but she proved too committed to fall for Bill’s charm. Instead, he turned his attention toward Donna’s sister, Katie, whom he convinced to marry him.

Later, he achieved his ultimate goal when he convinced the bank issuing the Forrester family a loan to foreclose on the collateral – Forrester Creations! For his first act as boss, Bill hired Katie as the design headquarters’ CEO.

However, his victory was short-lived. Thanks to the machinations of the seductive and scheming Steffy Forrester, Bill was forced to resell the company back to its rightful owners… much to Katie’s chagrin.

In September 2012, Bill and Katie welcomed William Logan Spencer – but the babe was far from Bill’s only child. First, he learned that he was the father of Forrester Creations’ employee Liam Cooper – owing to a long-ago romance with a woman named Kelly Hopkins – and then he was introduced to Wyatt Fuller, the product of a long-ago love affair with Quinn.

Girls, Girls, Girls 
Off his initial entanglement with Steffy, Bill became smitten – but he fought his desires and stayed loyal to Katie. Instead, he pushed his would-be mistress towards Liam, whom he was sure would make Steffy the perfect husband.

But Bill’s resolve finally shattered when Katie developed postpartum depression and he turned to her sister, Brooke, for comfort. The adulterous affair resulted in a pregnancy and miscarriage for Brooke, and when Katie learned the truth, she filed for divorce.

For the next few years, Bill jostled between the two sisters, marrying and divorcing each of them multiple times, and waging an all-out war with Ridge Forrester, Brooke’s former husband, who also set his sights on Katie.


With his callous treatment of Brook and Katie, his total disregard for the well being of his children, and his hypocritical sense of right and wrong, it was only a matter of time before Bill got his comeuppance – and it came in the form of a bullet in the back!

Ridge emerged the most likely suspect. Aside from his hatred of Bill, owing to their romantic rivalry, he had also learned that Bill had finally given in and slept with Steffy.

But even Bill’s own children had motives. Liam was an injured party considering his marriage to Steffy, while Wyatt – who had taken up with Katie – had recently been banished from the family.

In the end, Taylor Hayes – Steffy’s mother – admitted her guilt. But not her regret. Despite his better judgment, Bill allowed her to escape prosecution.

Bill Spencer – Moving Forward
When yet another reunion with Brooke went bust, Bill wormed his way back into Katie’s life – and bed. He proved himself capable of great concern when he stood by Katie during her kidney transplant and he seemed sincere in his promise to never hurt her again.

Until he did just that by kissing Brooke! Unlucky for Bill, Shauna Fuller (another long-ago lover) recorded the encounter. Now the incriminating scene has found its way into Quinn’s possession. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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