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B&B Spoilers Wild Speculation: From Husband To Conservator – Deacon’s Bombshell Plan

Is Deacon Sharpe playing a dangerous game?

b&b spoilers wild speculation that deacon will bring down sheila.Deacon Sharpe and Sheila Carter may have a rocky future ahead.

Is Deacon really a man in love like B&B spoilers keep hinting? Did he actually fall for the likes of Sheila Carter? This is a man on the verge of risking it all for Public Enemy Number One. Some believe Deacon’s simply following his heart, but we think it’s all part of a twisted little plan. 

B&B Spoilers Wild Speculation

Deacon (Sean Kanan) is coming dangerously close to being Public Enemy Number Two, and that’s not a good look. Not in the slightest. His daughter is furious, his ex can’t stand the sight of him, and even Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is trying to haul him off this ledge. It seems like a huge risk…for what? A woman? Deacon may be the ultimate romantic, but there’s no way this isn’t some scheme. 

Just imagine if Deacon is playing Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) like a fiddle. Is he sweeping her off her feet so he can ultimately take her down in the end? 

B&B: Deacon Pulls An Extreme Con 

Picture this; Deacon goes all out for “the love of his life.” He convinces Sheila he’s on her side, always. He’ll even sacrifice his relationships with his family and friends while trying to repair her relationship with hers. He’ll advocate for her, hold her when she’s hurt, and stroke her ego every chance he gets. It will feel a lot like love,  but all this will be is a massive game of manipulation. 

Oh yes, our main man has a plan…as long as he can get her down the aisle. That shouldn’t be a hard task, especially after all the wining, dining, and lusty evenings Deacon’s going to bestow upon her. It’ll be a dream love story for Sheila…until it isn’t. 

All Deacon needs is the marriage certificate to get his plan off the ground. He’ll take that brand new paper right to a judge and have Sheila declared incompetent and take over her whole, entire life! He’ll use his connections to Judge Evan Scott to strip her of her rights, her freedom, and even force her into a cozy little maximum security psychiatric ward to live out the rest of her days! 

Bold and the Beautiful: A Win Is A Win

This will not only be the ultimate betrayal but also make Deacon the hero of his entire community. Many have tried and failed to put Sheila behind bars, and so Deacon doing the impossible will most certainly put him back on the map. Oh, and an added bonus — Sheila’s money. As her husband and conservator, he’ll have full access to all her funds. Win-win, right? Do you think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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