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B&B Spoilers Speculation: This Is Who Might Shoot Sheila Carter

Sheila has amassed a lot of enemies on B&B.

sheila carter may get shot on bold and the beautifulSheila Carter is a sitting target on B&B.

B&B spoilers have clearly shown that Sheila Carter is a dangerous woman who has killed to get what she wants. She’s got quite a few enemies in Los Angeles, and it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them whips out a gun of their own and shoots the naughty ex-nanny.

B&B Spoilers: Shooting Sheila

B&B has had shootings on the show. Thorne once shot Ridge “the hell in the head” (as Ridge once exclaimed) after Thorne found out that — as a prank — Ridge had climbed into bed with his wife, Caroline (Joanna Johnson). Another instance had Rick shooting Grant Chambers (Charles Grant) after he watched too many video games. B&B’s not a show known for a great amount of violence, however, the list of people who’d want to take out Sheila is growing.

Simply Steffy

If this shooting happens soon, it’s not likely to be Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Oh, it’s not that we can’t see her doing it. In fact, Steffy’s fired a gun at Sheila in the past. However, Steffy’s out of town right now, so unless she sneaks back into Los Angeles (like her mother Taylor did when she shot Bill), Steffy is not likely to pull the trigger.

B&B Spoilers: A Finn-Tastic Idea

There’s only one way Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) ever going to truly make Steffy and their kids feel safe. He’s going to have to send a message to Sheila that leaves no doubt as to whether or not he wants her in his life. We can see Sheila dismissing Finn’s rejection of her. But if he shoots her, even Sheila might have to say, “Oh. You mean you don’t want me around.”

Spoiling the B&B Surprise

No matter who shoots Sheila, if she gets shot, it’s going to be a big surprise. B&B spoilers didn’t tip that Taylor was Bill’s shooter. No! B&B could bring out a surprise person from the past, like someone from Lance’s (Adam Huss) family or Dr. Jay Garvin’s (Brett Stimely). Sheila never paid for those crimes. Lance and Jay’s families are justified in wanting retribution.

B&B: It’s Gonna Be Li

We can see Li trying to take out Sheila. She’s already reprimanded Finn for saving Sheila’s life after she flatlined at the hospital. That’s a short walk to taking Sheila out. With a good lawyer, Li might be able to get off with a self-defense plea or temporary insanity. After all, Sheila didn’t just shoot Steffy and Finn. And Brooke. And Taylor. And Stephanie. But she also chased after Li with her car, nearly causing her to die. How much is Li supposed to take?

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