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Soap Veteran Linsey Godfrey Speaks Out on Mental Health

Soap Veteran Linsey Godfrey Speaks Out On Mental Health

Linsey Godfrey has loyal fan bases from her Daytime Emmy-nominated runs as Caroline on The Bold and the Beautiful and as Sarah on Days of our Lives. She’s not on soaps right now, but the actress is using her social media platform to educate her followers on an important topic.

Linsey Godfrey Shows Support

“It’s Mental Health Awareness Month!” Godfrey posted on Instagram. “Let’s talk about, destigmatize and normalize mental health issues! #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness 💚”

Godfrey says she’s going to be posting videos throughout the month of May in the hopes of educating folks about mental health. She wants to discuss, among other topics, how common some conditions can be like being bipolar. Godfrey says that at least two million people struggle with the condition and that one in five Americans struggle with some sort of mental health disorder.

The actress notes it’s interesting that some conditions may hold the position of being more “acceptable” than others. She suggests those conditions include anxiety, depression, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Godfrey notes that OCD doesn’t necessarily mean something like shutting the lights on and off (although it can).

Godfrey says she’s going to be telling some funny stories of things that she herself deals with and she wants you to know that if she tells a story that you find funny, it’s okay to laugh. She’s receiving positive comments on her post. One follower wanted to know why the actress hasn’t posted lately about her daughter Aleda whom she shares with Robert Adamson (ex-Noah, The Young and the Restless).

“Oh I know, she’s getting older and I want to respect her privacy until she’s old enough to understand what the internet and social media are and can choose to be a part of it,” Godfrey explains. “For now I’m trying to keep my personal life a bit more personal and private is all. But she’s doing great!” Check out Godfrey’s post below!


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