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Soap Supercouples: The Romance of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge and Caroline

The Bold and the Beautiful Ridge and CarolineThe Bold and the Beautiful Ridge and Caroline

Ridge and Caroline – their epic and ultimately tragic love story was the foundation on which The Bold and the Beautiful was built.

Ridge and Caroline – Early Days

Caroline had no time for the naysayers who decried her interest in Ridge – and she especially resented the interference of her father, publishing magnate Bill Spencer. Caroline granted that her nascent romance with the “Bad Boy of Design” wasn’t exactly the stuff of fairytales.

Yes, Ridge did insist on continuing to see other women despite their involvement. And he did indeed chafe at her desire to remain a virgin until her wedding night. But Caroline was smitten and she accepted his flaws.

Her deeply held fantasy that Ridge would choose to be with her and her alone seemed to become reality when he proposed – but Ridge’s request had more to do with his desire to anger Bill and fulfill his amorous desires than a simple change of heart.

In fact, he continued his lecherous ways, and his pre-wedding tryst with a former lover was documented by Conway Weston, P.I. Bill tried to use the incriminating photographs to blackmail Ridge into calling off the wedding but the would-be groom persisted.

In response, Bill presented the snaps to Caroline – moments before she was to walk down the aisle! Though devastated, Caroline readied her veil and made her way towards Ridge. Upon reaching him, she collapsed.

Troubling Brewing
Disillusioned over circumstances, Caroline resolved to move on and away. She ended her engagement, decamped from Bill’s abode to her own apartment, and gained employment at an advertising agency with no ties to either Spencer Publications or Forrester Creations.

But further tragedy awaited. Caroline made the acquaintance of fellow restaurant-goer Ron Deacon and accepted his offer of an escort home. Once they arrived, Ron forced his way inside and raped Caroline.

For a time, Caroline kept quiet. But she was bolstered into lodging a complaint by Brooke Logan – a fellow sexual assault survivor. During her ordeal, Caroline found comfort in the arms of Thorne Forrester, Ridge’s younger brother.

In time, Ron was found guilty of his crime and imprisoned – thanks in part to Ridge’s testimony that Caroline had guarded her virginity throughout their courtship as she had wanted to save the experience for her husband.

Third-Party Interference

When Ridge penned Caroline a letter declaring his true feelings for her, Brooke intercepted it and joined forces with Thorne to ensure that Ridge and Caroline remained apart. For his part, Thorne offered Caroline a proposal and she happily accepted.

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When Stephanie, the Forrester family matriarch, uncovered Brooke and Thorne’s deceit, she insisted that Caroline be shown the letter. And Brooke complied – but she waited till the day of Thorne and Caroline’s wedding to hand it over.

Caroline was touched by Ridge’s sincerity… but she still exchanged vows with Thorne. And she was sure she had made the right decision. Until she witnessed Brooke and Ridge growing ever closer.

Caroline was further disturbed when she learned exactly how long Brooke had held on to the letter, and she tried her utmost to dissuade Brooke from pursuing Ridge. Her continued affection for Ridge complicated Caroline’s union with Thorne, and she finally withdrew herself from the marital bed.

When Ridge snuck into her room intending to “prank” her, Caroline gave in to her carnal desires and made love to him. And after he was shot in the head (presumably by Stephanie), Caroline flocked to his side.

Both parties declared their want for reconciliation but they were stymied by the revelation that it was an overmedicated and drunken Thorne who wounded Ridge as well as Brooke announcing her pregnancy.

Ridge and Caroline – Parted By Death
A devastating miscarriage for Brooke and Thorne’s entrance into therapy (coupled with an attraction to Donna Logan) cleared the way for Ridge and Caroline to finally become husband and wife.

Then, tragedy struck. Caroline was diagnosed with end-stage leukemia. She withheld the news from Ridge and her in-laws, though she did share it with Brooke, whom she asked to be there for Ridge.

In spite of her promise to keep Caroline’s secret, Brooke ultimately informed Ridge. He too kept mum. However, his gift of 50 specially designed charms for Caroline’s bracelet – most specifically the infinity symbol – betrayed his knowledge.

With her end close at hand, Caroline arranged her own final farewell party where she insisted all animosity be laid aside (even if only for that one evening). After insisting everyone take a twirl on the makeshift dance floor, Caroline paired the couples: Brooke with Ridge, Stephanie with Eric, and her father with Felicia. She, in turn, danced with Thorne and encouraged him to reunite with Macy.

Noticing her weakened state, Ridge insisted on carrying Caroline home – but not before she pleaded with the assemblage to “please be kind to each other.” Later that night, Caroline passed away, held securely in Ridge’s arms. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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