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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown knows how to make viewers see Sheila’s vulnerable side on B&B.

kimberlin brown shines as sheila carter on bold and the beautifulKimberlin Brown makes Sheila Carter both loved and feared on B&B.

Kimberlin Brown recently reminded us there’s more to Sheila Carter than firing guns, unleashing killer bees, and shooting psychotic glares. Deep down, there’s a vulnerable woman who wants nothing more than to be loved. For showing Sheila’s softer side, Soap Hub gives Brown Performer of the Week for B&B.

Kimberlin Brown – Performer of the Week

Sheila had given up any hope of a future (no pun intended) with Deacon until she overheard that he played a huge role in getting Judge Evan Scott (Michael Corbett) to rule in her favor at the recent hearing. The naughty nurse also heard Deacon passionately share with his pal Evan that Sheila’s been unfairly branded a monster. Who can blame her for doing monstrous things?

Brown played Sheila hearing this as if someone finally understood her after all these years. In most of her relationships, she’s had to hide part of who she is. Not so with Deacon (Sean Kanan). She found it impossible to walk away from him even though they’d agreed to part ways. “All I’ve ever wanted in my life is to be loved,” a vulnerable Sheila told Deacon. She’s said this many times to many people but no one’s truly heard her and accepted her for who she is the way Deacon does.

“How do I ever thank you for something like that, Deacon?” Sheila asked after telling him she knew that he was the reason she’s a free woman. Once Deacon and Sheila were back in the privacy of his modest apartment, Sheila continued to express her gratitude. Understandably, Sheila has probably been so in shock over her unexpected release, that she didn’t give a lot of thought as to how it transpired. Knowing now that Deacon orchestrated it because he cares about her has touched Sheila in a way that she’s never experienced.

“When you see me, you don’t look away,” Sheila said in soft tones to Deacon. “In your eyes, I’m worth something. I might even be deserving of tenderness and a touch. I’ve never felt that from anyone in my entire life. I’ve never had anyone on my side.”

Deacon pointed out that he and Sheila understand one another. It was almost hard to believe that the same vulnerable almost child-like Sheila we saw standing before Deacon as they both opened their hearts to one another was the same woman who callously once told Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) over on Young and the Restless, “Your dead baby isn’t always uppermost in my mind.” (Her remark was not only cruel but was also a lie since Sheila had kidnapped Lauren’s real baby and was raising him as her own!)

Sheila was ready to walk out of Deacon’s life so he could maintain his relationship with his daughter Hope (Annika Noelle) but he asked her to stay — permanently. Brown showed that Sheila is capable of caring about someone other than herself as she continued to push Deacon away for his own good. She meant it, too. It was refreshing to watch Sheila genuinely care about someone other than herself.

Deacon told Sheila that they’d said goodbye to each other too many times in the past. He said their story may never end and encouraged her to feel the same way. Deacon professed his love for Sheila and then, he proposed marriage. Sheila is usually the one who leaves folks so stunned that they have nothing to say but this time it was her turn to be speechless. Kudos to Kimberlin Brown for reminding us that Sheila is a multi-faceted character, a woman who wants and needs to be loved — just like everyone else.

Honorable mention: Kudos to Sean Kanan for his portrayal of complex bad boy Deacon Sharpe. Kanan’s character has also struggled to find love in this world and also has to stay on the right side of the law (though he’s doing nothing as nefarious as what Sheila has done.) That makes him the perfect person to be the one who gives Sheila another chance. Sheila couldn’t show all this vulnerability unless Deacon truly conveyed his genuine feelings for her. Kanan does just that brilliantly and believably.

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